Real Estate Web Portal Development Cost, Features & Functionalities
Real Estate Web Portal Development Cost, Features & Functionalities
Searching for properties and selling properties is a simple process now through an online real estate web application. Builders, real estate agents, brokers can meet the estate requirements flawlessly.

Just like the internet has blessed many other industries, the real estate industry is no exception. With a real estate web application, you can now search for properties, real estate brokers, real estate agents, or builders with a few clicks. These web apps have made it easy for everyone to browse through properties, view images, compare prices and check the property details before visiting the actual site.

Why Real Estate Business Needs A Web Portal?


When so many real estate businesses are inclined towards real estate mobile app development, the need for an efficient web platform along with the mobile app cannot be denied. According to NAR- National Association of Realtors, 90% of real estate companies own websites.

Certainly, buying or selling properties is an important decision and people simply do not rely on mobile apps only to buy or sell a property.

A lot of people ensure that they perform thorough research before making a decision. They search for properties using their laptops to check the features, do price comparisons, etc

So, if you are into the real estate business and want to have a web portal, invest in real estate web portal development that meets your business requirements. You can hire a real estate mobile app development company having vast experience in building real estate portals and can work closely with you to help you get a user-friendly portal.

After you are known to the technical challenges associated with the real estate industry, you can come up with a solution that can help you overcome the challenges to put everything right.

How Real Estate Web Portal Helps Real Estate Agents And Real Estate Businesses?

Whether you are a small company or a large one, the main goal is to grow your business, isn’t it? The best way to accomplish your goal is to get into property listing which can be attained through a web portal. On the other hand, real estate brokers or agents also wish to have their property-listing portal to get benefits. So, you can hire expert tech professionals to build a website that matches your business needs.

Some of The Benefits of Having A Real Estate Web Portal Are:

  • The portal would be economical and help you promote and list your property.

  • When you list the properties on your web portal, it becomes easy for the users to search for different properties according to price, location, and types without stepping out of the house.

  • Helps the agents or mediators to register easily.

  • They can set up and portray the image of the properties

  • A professional and strong method of helping brands gain popularity

  • The web portal offers easy buying and selling of properties under one roof

  • Users can choose to list, sell their property or buy a property with a few clicks

Features To Be Included In Real Estate Web Portal

User Panel

  • Include Property Listing

  • Upload multiple photos instantly

  • Shared property notes

  • Resizing of photos

  • User Support

  • Send property via email

  • Automatic resizing of photos

Business Owner Panel

  • Installs the Real Estate

  • Agency profile creation & management

  • Add/edit or remove categories

  • Manage Languages

  • Manage Property

  • Billing Options

  • Manage different sections of the website

  • Automated Document Management

  • Manage Members

Admin Panel


  • Featured Real Estate

  • Reviews and Ratings

  • Advertisement Management

  • Social Sharing

  • Publish properties across any location

  • Help users to search properties

Additional Features

  • Marketing Tools

  • Advanced SEO Tools

  • User Management Advanced Tools

  • Multiple User Management

  • Loan Calculator

  • Presentation Tools

  • Google

  • Content Management Tools

  • List property with a link to the details.

The overall real estate web portal development cost entirely depends on the functionalities and features included in the app. So, let us discover the factors that determine the real estate app development cost or any app

What Would Be The Cost of Real Estate Web Portal Development

Talking about the cost incurred to build real estate website development, you cannot calculate the exact cost. It depends on different factors like

1. Application Features

In case you want to build an app with essential features that would help you stay in competition then it would cost approx $20k to $50k. On the other hand, if you want to include advanced features in your app, the cost can go up to $75k to $120k.

2. Location of the App Development agency

You can opt for the expert real estate mobile app development company from countries that provide affordable and quality services. You can hire a developer from the location that is convenient for you

3. Technology Stack

It is one of the important elements that can influence the development cost. If you choose a basic tech stack the cost would be less whereas if you wish to use advanced technology like AI or ML then it would increase the cost automatically.

4. Added Factors

Apart from the main factors mentioned above some added factors that can increase or decrease your app development costs are the number of developers working on your project, modifications required, the platform chosen for development, etc

Certainly, you need to consider the latest trends in real estate so that you can scale your business accordingly to meet the changing market demands.


Well, you can explore different solutions available to get started with real estate web portal development. A professional team would always help you get services that you can utilize to earn profits. Do consider the above-mentioned factors that would help you plan your budget for real estate web portal development.

If you are looking for efficient solutions with expertise in real estate web applications, we at X-Byte Enterprise Solutions leading mobile app development company can help you get your white label real estate app or real estate web portal to leverage the real estate market.


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