Inaugurate a quirky NFT Marketplace to trade primitive creative assets - Foundation Clone
Inaugurate a quirky NFT Marketplace to trade primitive creative assets - Foundation Clone
The Foundation clone is a creator-friendly platform that stimulates the creation and sale of digital assets

The world is seeing several developments in recent years. Still, looking deep into the development, you will find the backup force of technologies pushing the world to develop. The technologies have also taken up the business and made the globe a digital space. The economic startups are frenzy and are acquiring people from them. NFTs and Cryptos are the primitive domains creating buzz and prevailing as the protagonists in the show. 

The non-divisible tokens are making magic by enabling people to earn a lump amount by trading the digital assets they have. The digital assets are minted as tokens and posted on a primitive platform called NFT Marketplace. The Blockchain-Based platforms add twerks to the token and make the tokens revolve in the grand space to inhale several potential buyers. 

Lay a Foundation for Foundation Clone

A Foundation clone is a distinctive platform that can trade creative assets created by several potential creators. The cloned version is a replica of the original Foundation NFT Marketplace. The NFT Marketplace development company develops the clone version, which can be customized per the requirements. The cloned version provokes the sellers and buyers to trade and collects the digital assets on the platform. The digital assets are minted as tokens and posted in the storefront of the Foundation clone. By purchasing the token, the user can get the ownership of the digital assets, which are permanent and saved in the blockchain's digital ledger. Another important aspect of the Foundation Clone is that the creators are privileged with royalty, which means the creator posts the digital assets as NFTs and will be rewarded a percentage on the subsequent token sale. This excellent attribute provokes many creators to mint their digital creations and makes them revolve worldwide. 

Features present within the Foundation Clone

The NFT marketplace development companies develop the Foundation Clone with certain features, making the platform more primitive and insisting people develop the clone. Let us look into the features incorporated into the platform;

  • Artistic storefront

  • Asset categories

  • Advanced search filters

  • Multi-wallet Integrations

  • Minting the digital assets

INORU is the NFT Marketplace development company who have been developing several NFT Marketplaces. We have a group of developers with ample experience developing the platforms. If you are a creator or have creative assets, feel free to slide by us and own a Foundation clone. 

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