How to Make a Video Calling App Like Zoom and Google Hangouts?
How to Make a Video Calling App Like Zoom and Google Hangouts?
If you are planning on launching a new product and are curious about finding out how to make a video calling app, this article may help you. We will provide a quick overview of the market, highlight the most popular existing solutions, list the important and main features, and guide you through the main steps in the development process.

Is it worth investing in video calling app development?

In 2019, the global video conferencing market size was valued at 3.85 billion US Dollars. It is expected to register a CAGR of about 9.9% from 2020 to 2027.

Though Zoom has become even more popular during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to keep in mind that it has continuously been growing over the past years as people integrated the app into their work, learning, and personal lives.

According to studies, remote work and learning will continue to thrive and be used even after the pandemic. This means that video calling app development is a great opportunity as early as now to generate more profit in a rapidly growing market.

Basic Features (For MVP Development)

It is best to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) video chat app in order to understand and oversee what the product lacks and how to improve it. Let’s overview the basic features of video chat application development.

The user’s behavior towards the registration process has changed over time. Therefore, it is important to make sure that registration is optional or at least easy and quick. The best variant is to allow users to choose between three methods of registration: via social media accounts, via the phone number, or using an email address.

User Profiles

A basic feature for users is being able to manage their personal data and the sharing options they have. Some options include a short bio, geolocation, image display, and phone number. It is also good to have integration of the in-app purchase tools that enable users to pay via their credit card.

Contact List

This feature needs to have two functions: searching contacts for easy navigation and import contacts from the user’s phonebook or social media accounts.

Text Chat

Even with video call apps, having a chat or instant messaging option is important. It can be utilized for scheduling the video conference, confirming participants, and other communication needs that do not always require calling in the first place.

How to Make Your Own Video Calling App Step by Step

There are several standard stages when it comes to the development process for different mobile applications. We will describe each stage in as much detail as possible, from the point of view of our expertise.

1st Step: Conduct the Market Research

Work on the app creation starts with research. It is a crucial part of the beginning to the end of your video chat application development. This is where deciding the purpose of your application, the target market, and the audience, and the preferred platform comes.

2nd Step: Define Your Niche and Target Audience

Knowing and understanding who your target audience is, is important in the success of your video chat application. If you know your target audience well enough, you will understand what they want and need–and you will be able to offer exactly what they are looking for.

3rd Step: Collect Your Feature List

Of course, video chat MVP features are enough especially for those who are just starting since it is faster and cheaper. Having a list of the most basic features will allow you to understand the amount of work you need to put in before launching your app. Aside from that, it will also give you a heads up on what you need to improve on or what you need to add compared to your competitors.

4th Step: Create an Awesome UI/UX Design

The design of your video chat app is incredibly important but keep in mind that it should not be too overwhelming or over the top. Simplicity is the key. So users need to navigate through the app intuitively without overthinking what they should do. The design should match your target audience and the objective of your app as well; being straightforward when it comes to the design and functionality is good.

5th Step: Prepare Project Specification and Choose Contractors

Once you are ready, it is now time to bring the project to life and find a software development team that will help you. You can either augment your in-house team of developers for your company or hire an outsourced team from other countries.

6th Step: Choose the Tech Stack

There are various options when it comes to which tools to use in building your video chat application. You can build each part on your own, choose SaaS software and external services that provide APIs which you can then smoothly integrate into your application.

7th Step: Start your MVP Development

After passing through all the stages, this is where you need to decide what approach you would use in building the app and organize the development process.

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