Hair Extensions vs. Wigs What is the right decision
Hair Extensions vs. Wigs What is the right decision
In Our Store, We meet a lot of women who are interested in covering thinness in the Crown Area Or They Are looking to increase height and/or Volume in Their Crowns. What's the reason? This is The Crown Of Our Heads After All, and Who Wouldn't Love the dazzling height and volume that healthy hair can provide.

As we explain to They that the only method to achieve the desired volume would involve the process of placing hair extensions over the crown in order to attain the type of lift or volume they desire, We are often met with Unbelief as they thought that Hair Extensions would be able to give them the look of voluminous roots that They Wish For.

Why is this the Case? Simple because of the fact that Hair Extensions for Women require some of your own hair to cover them. If you didn't, you would walk around with areas where Extensions are attached to Your Head being seen by everyone.

The purpose of hair pieces and extensions for hair is for People to not have any notion that your appearing to be thick, large, long, and voluminous Hair isn't actually your own! Although some women are able to place Virgin hair extensions in areas that are very high into the crown Of Their Head However, the average woman's Hair's crown roots are simply too thin to comfortably sit on top of hair extensions and cover them with confidence. Certain of our guests have learned the art of teasing their roots to allow hair extensions to be placed further up their crowns Some resort to hair sprays and even pomades for the purpose of keeping their already thin hair in place so that their extensions aren't apparent as natural elements such as the wind violently move everything in its The.

Another scenario involves a woman whose hair has been damaged by the climax of a chemical Processes Throughout Her Life As An Adult. Chemical Damage, followed by medical and hormonal factors is the main reason for severe hair loss in women we meet. The affected woman may be exhausted from trying to make A style from limp and thin hair.

A Wig In These Cases, and not extensions is the Best Choices.

Wigs can be used as a protective styling option. This simply means that the Ends of the hair is In a state of being untouched by daily Styling and Manipulation as well as being protected from natural elements like the Sun. This untouched state allows the natural hair that is Protected to flourish and Develop without interruption. Many people who wear wigs experience healthier, stronger hair re-growth during prolonged wear.

Hair Extensions are an incredible option to add length and Volume, the Pieces are put on top of one's hair. Thus, the wearer will chemically process, brush and groom their hair on a Regular Basis, and sometimes multiple times a day if they need To Groom Their Hair The Day. For the damaged hair candidate Hair Extensions are an ideal option for allowing the hair to grow over A Long Period of Time, however the process of highlighting the outgrown Roots and covering greys, Keratin Treatments, Brazilian Blowouts to help with frizz Reduction, Japanese Straightening To combat curly hair, and the other methods of hair Maintenance can add to the problem of damaged hair and stop natural hair from truly shining and regaining its fullest state of Health In The long-term.

In order to give Natural Hair A Break In order to revive healthier growth and repair damaged ends A wig is the most effective option available. While wearing the Wig, the wearer will be able to trim dead ends more often and frequently Haircuts can make Virgin hair extensions more difficult to blend in with one's own hair, however this will not cause any problems for the Wig Wearer. Also, treatments for deep conditioning that can help hair extensions hold on to the natural hair can be a great alternative for those who wear wigs.

Therefore, make the decision to go with a wig to protect your hairstyle and reap the benefits of Spending less time and money on Chemical Services At The Salon. However, the most important thing is that by incorporating a healthy and great hair regimen into your routine, you will also enjoy watching Your once damaged, brittle hair become healthier Strands.