Does Your Next Phone Really Need 5G How to Decide
Does Your Next Phone Really Need 5G How to Decide
You have surely heard about how amazing a 5G connection is. Whether by advertisements, salespeople, or friends and family that have already upgraded to it.

The question at the moment for many people is whether your next phone needs to be 5G connection. The thing to understand is that if you plan on buying a new phone in the near future, it will have 5G capability because most, if not all, of the mobile phones in production have been upgraded already.

However, if you still have an older phone, it may be a stressful question to have come up with because there are so many variables attached to the question. Let's take a little deeper look into this question by starting out with an introduction to 5G and going from there.

Understanding The Current State Of 5G

The concept of 5G phones has been around for three years or more, but as with all other innovative technology, it takes some time to implement. The good news is that all three of the leading mobile service providers in Australia offer 5G services, so getting it should not be an issue. But, the thing to realize is that even if you have 5G capability, it will not mean that you will have better service than the 4G you are used to.

The reason for that is simple. There are three levels of 5G service, which can vary depending on where you are.

·    The best 5G will be when you are within range of a tower that pushes out super fast 5G services. This will boost your speed and bandwidth to the maximum available levels. The problem is that since 5G is still in the rollout phase, there are not many towers yet with this high-end capability.

·      The middle-range service is the one you will have most of the time, as long as you do not live in an area with issues getting cell service. This 5G service will be faster than your current 4G speed, which makes it easier to complete any task online from your mobile device.

·      The low-end 5G service areas will not be beneficial for anyone that already has cell phone service. Even though you could tell your friends that you upgraded to 5G, you would not be able to see a difference in your service.

You should now be able to see how 5G can affect your mobile phone services, so you must ask your local agent a few questions. You need to know how far they are in the rollout process, how fast they are getting the task completed, and what level of 5G you have in your area currently.

Weighing The Costs

For many people, the cost is one of the most significant deciding factors in making a decision. Since most of the country is rolling out 5G service for all mobile phones, the service plans should not be much more than what you have been paying. More than likely, the cost of your service has already gone up, even if you have not yet upgraded to 5G services.

However, you will see pretty quickly that not all cell service providers offer the same plans for the same prices. Every company will have its own idea of a fair service plan, so you need to check around for the best option. The easiest way to accomplish this is to go to an online comparison platform, such as the one found at the iSelect compare 5G plans site, and let them do the legwork. They will take some information from you and then set you up with offers from their partner sites.

All you have to do is sort through them and choose the one that is best for you. Remember that the cheapest plan will not always be the best, so read through the entire offer and compare the details with the other options. Once you have a few choices, you can decide based on price.

Making A Decision

So now that you understand what 5G is and how far along the country is in the rollout stage, you will be able to make a more educated and informed decision. Many experts on the internet claim it is imperative to upgrade to 5G as soon as you can, while others are on the other side of the fence and claim that it is pointless at the moment because 5G is not much better than the 4G versions that you are used to.

So, to break it all down for you in a step-by-step process, you will need to follow the tips below.

·       Ask your mobile phone service agent how far along they are in the rollout of 5G, and find out what level of service you will have if you upgrade right now. If they are not set up yet, it will be beneficial for you to wait.

·        Ask your agent the locations of the high 5G areas, if they have any. You will then need to compare those areas with the places that you go to, such as for work or shopping. If the areas where the company has high 5G services are not close to anywhere you go, you will want to move on to the next tip. If they do have it in areas you frequent, it would be beneficial to upgrade now.

·         If you are going to be in the areas considered to be the middle areas of 5G for the majority of your day, it would be a good idea to go ahead and upgrade.

·     If you are still going to be in the lower areas with no signs of improved service, you will want to stick with the primary 4G networks until your area improves. And it will improve; it just takes time for a country to roll out something new.

That is all there is to it. The decision to switch to 5G services today will be up to many factors, but it all comes down to one main thing. If your area is in a central location where the rollout has already taken place, upgrading would be a good idea.

If your area is still lacking in 5G service, you should wait until you can get it. However, if you are planning on buying a new phone anyway, make sure that it is 5G compatible because it would be pointless to waste money on an older version phone that soon be obsolete.