The designer French company, Roche Bobois, is the go-to name for upscale furniture and home accessories. Their high-end collections range from Roche Bobois furniture and tables to home accessories.


The designer French company, Roche Bobois, is the go-to name for upscale furniture and home accessories. Their high-end collections range from Roche Bobois furniture and tables to home accessories. Here are some of the best products from the line. Let’s take a closer look. How do you choose the right piece? Whether you want something for your bedroom, kitchen, or living room, Roche Bobois furniture is sure to impress.

First of all, the company was founded by a family of furniture designers. The name, Roche Bobois, came about through the merger of two French families, the Chouchans and the Roches. The resulting company was born in 1932 and currently has over 250 stores in fifty countries. Not only do they make quality furniture, but they also offer accessories and other home decors. The company has collaborated with many important contemporary designers. It was also the first designer brand to collaborate with Missoni and Jean Paul Gaultier.

The French designers had a common passion for design. The two families had previously collaborated on cars and motorcycles. Lakic was also inspired by his travels. In 1970, the French designer Philippe Roche met Hans Hopfer, who contributed to the design of the “Mah Jong” sofa. Since then, the Mah Jong sofa has been Roche Bobois’ best-selling sofa. In 1974, the company expanded to Canada, the US, and Spain. In the 1980s, Roche Bobois launched the Provinciales collection, which was inspired by flying carpets. Then in the 1990s, the company introduced the Voyages collection, which was inspired by ethnic style.

Today, the brand also manufactures furniture for the outdoor. In fact, the 2021 outdoor collection borrows hues from exotic places. Its newest collection is a series of modular sofas and lounge chairs, and includes tables and poufs. It is the latest collection from the brand, and offers a modern interpretation of comfort and design for the outdoors. The company has an impressive history of designing furniture for homes, so you can be sure that the pieces you choose will fit in perfectly with your home.

The brand is also known for its collaborations with other designers. In addition to the famous French company, the French designer Sacha Lakic has collaborated with the Italian fashion house Missoni on the Speed Up series of contemporary furniture. This design is reminiscent of the futuristic motorcycle and car. The leather used in this collection is durable and comfortable. In November 2017, the Italian design firm was in touch with the designer Sacha Lakic, who wanted to create a basket of balloons to fit the modern lifestyle. The sculptural piece is handmade and features 3D fabric.

The company’s Spider collection consists of a coffee table, dining table, and cupboard made from Corian solid surface in Glacier White. The minimalist design of this line showcases the versatility of Corian solid surface. They have also collaborated with other fashion designers to create unique pieces for their collections. Among them, the famous designer of the Ben Hur chair has created a set of furniture inspired by the French designer. This piece is handcrafted and is decorated with a beautiful 3D fabric.

For its 50th anniversary, the brand has created a collection of furniture and accessories that will reflect the French design style and taste. In addition to its extensive line of contemporary furniture, the brand has also collaborated with many of the most influential contemporary designers. The company’s most popular pieces, such as the acclaimed designer of the Paris-based Maisonsai, are the modern classics of the design world. Aside from their exquisite craftsmanship, they are affordable for most people.

The Roche Bobois dining chairs furniture of the Roche Bobois brand is exclusive. The company was founded in 1960. Jacques Roches and the Chouchan brothers were able to meet at a trade fair in Copenhagen. Both of them had already started a furniture business in Paris and had two stores on the same street. The first shop on Au Beau Bois street became the company’s first outlet in the United States. The success of this French company has been due to the fact that it is a global fashion house.

The designer’s first American showroom opened in New York in 1974. In China, they expanded to China in 2004, and their first showroom in the United States was opened in Copenhagen in 2004. In the United States, the company has 200 stores and a large online presence. The company’s mission is to make the perfect home for its customers. They strive to do so by offering furniture that is both beautiful and functional.