VLC-Spices- Quality Spices You Can Trust
VLC-Spices- Quality Spices You Can Trust
India is a country that is well known for its aromatic spices for ages. It is a leading producer of spices contributing a total of 1/4th of the world's spice production.

Whole spices suppliers in India export spices all over the world catering to retail as well as wholesale food markets.

Ground spice manufacturers in India possess knowledge of trendy spices in the market, changes in tastes, and stay updated with the changing market demand. For instance, VLC Spices has an extensive export network around the world that has proved to be of enormous help to gain an understanding of the international spice market. 

Whole Indian Spices Manufacturer

The quality of the best whole spices depends on sourcing and then rightly processing them. Learning to source and purchase fresh quality whole spices is paramount when you want to manufacture good quality ground spices and spice blends.

Spices are available in the market in their different forms. You can find them dried, fresh, frozen, whole, ground, crushed, pureed, as pastes, extracts, or infusions. Each type of spice has its unique qualities and taste. The spice form you choose depends on its specific application and processing.

Previously people used to believe that spices are exotic and not meant for everyday cooking. But, now people understand that they have many health benefits. Adding spices is one of the simplest procedures to help you transform a forgettable dish into a memorable one. Moreover, many spices are rich in antioxidants which hinder bacterial activity and aid digestion.

Why Buy Spices Online?

Proper selection of spices and using them in the right quantities can elevate the flavor of a dish. You have to take an effort to buy the right quality Indian spices. It is advisable to buy your supply from an authentic online spice store, as they are committed to providing high-quality spices to help them maintain brand identity.

Spices on the shelves of your average grocery store may have been there for some time, waiting for a customer to pick them up. Since the average shelf life of spices is not much, there are more chances that you end up picking stale spices. Cheap spice brands may use adulterated products with artificial color and taste enhancers, which are bad for our health. Remember, cheap spices are cheap for a reason.

Also keep in mind that spices are not the ingredients that you buy in bulk for your kitchen. Ground spices go stale and lose their pungency and aroma when kept for a longer time. Moreover, if you buy good quality spices online, there will be a lesser need for quantity as they are much more potent than spices available at a grocery store.

Whole Spices Suppliers in India

Cooks all over the world frequently use spices to provide a fresh taste to their preparations. The overall aroma, flavor, and texture in dishes are provided by fresh spices. The fresh aroma is due to the volatile component of a spice. But this aroma may be lost during harvesting, storing, processing, packaging, and handling. VLC Spices have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that ensures that all the qualities of spice supplies are kept intact till they are used.


In the end, don't forget to keep your spice supply in airtight containers and away from sunlight and moisture. Proper storage is critical for preserving your newly acquired quality spices so that it provides the same taste and flavor, every time it is used.

It may be harsh to say to throw away your old spice stock, and begin your new journey of preparing lip-smacking dishes with VLC Spices.