Premium Quality White Label spices
Premium Quality White Label spices
If you are looking for a spice, or seasoning blend to introduce into the market, and don't want to enter into manufacturing hazards, you can consider contacting private label spice manufacturers. They can help you develop and expand your product line with their private labeling solutions.

Private labeling is ideal for those who want to introduce new products, and want to enter new markets while reducing production and operational costs.

VLC Spice manufacturers can create products with personalized and custom packaging for most spices, seasonings, and blends. The company guarantees the highest quality products and is well equipped to handle your project from start to finish. The stringent food safety at VLC spices ensures your product is among a premium brand and can deliver your own distinct final product helping you establish your own spice brand.

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The standard operating procedure of private label spice manufacturers includes the following steps:

·         Sourcing: VLC Spice sources the best raw materials from all over the world. They have a direct source through exclusive supply agreements to ensure that they get the best raw material in the quantity they need. With strict controls for the processing and packaging VLC maintains the highest possible standards.

The strategic partnership procedure and long-term relationships with the suppliers make it possible to import a variety of quality spices with explicit characteristics. While sourcing raw materials, VLC Spices Manufacturing Company takes special measures to meet their customer's individual specifications.

·         Cleaning: VLC Spices use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to help remove everything ranging from microscopic pathogens to large foreign particles. With the help of critical control points, they use a variety of centrifugal and vibratory sifters, magnets, and ultra-sensitive detectors ensuring that the spices have been cleaned to rigorous standards.

VLC follows a strict quality check and if they find a product substandard, they hold the right to reject it and return it.

·         Milling: The first step is to convert unprocessed raw materials into high-quality food ingredients. Customized milling and blending to meet the specific requirement is the specialty of VLC spices. With a range of mills and advanced particle sizing equipment, VLC confirms to meet the specifications of their products. May it be cracked, cut, mesh size, or in powder form, the milling department utilizes specific equipment configurable to various specific products and requirements.

VLC Spice manufacturers guarantee their customers for consistency, quality, and cost-effective products with an effective delivery system.

·         Bending: Unique blending techniques are one of the specialties of VLC spices. They can meet specific requirements ranging from standard dry blending or planting of special oils and liquids flavorings on powders. With a variety of flavorful blends, the company is capable to offer a spice blend as per the unique need of their customers.

Creating blends is not just mixing a few ingredients. Standard equipment, mixing time, operational process, humidity, temperature control, etc. are major factors to provide the required outcome. With years of blending experience, VLC has developed unique methods executing them precisely to ensure an even and consistent blend for every batch they produce.

·         Packaging: There is various packaging option available ranging from small pouches to industrial bags. VLC with the help of their industrial sales division can provide quality spices to meet your specifications and requirements.

With unique packaging and white labeling solutions, VLC helps you manage your brand from start to finish. You can bring your own brands, packaging, and graphics, or can partner with us to build a chain of winning spice ranges to cater to your food market.


VLC Spice manufacturers provide options to supply spices in various forms and packaging. Create and brand your own customized spices, seasoning, and blends with VLC and undergo a sustainable growth.