Indian Spices – Why are they Always in High Demand?
Indian Spices – Why are they Always in High Demand?
India is known for its exemplary spice varieties all over the world. Being the largest spice manufacturer, India is one of the largest exporters of aromatic spices to almost all countries of the world. These spices are exported in whole, grounded, powder form and also as special blends.

You can find bulk Indian spices online, enriched with essential oils and aromas. When these spices are added in the right amount, they provide a distinct and magical taste to a dish. Apart providing a distinctive flavor, aroma, and color, Indian spices are also known for several health benefits.

Growing Demand for Indian Spices

Some of the essential characteristics of the Indian spices have made them an essential staple of daily cooking. Indian spices manufacturers have to struggle to meet the ever-growing demand of spices, and most of the time fail to fulfill their commitment.

Most export houses follow certain benchmarks to maintain the high quality of Indian spices. Higher quality triple layer packaging ensures superior quality of product enriched with rich aroma and flavor. These spices are available in blended or powdered form according to the particular demand of the market.

Although many countries around the world manufacture and supply different types of spices, Indian spices have made their own position in the food market. Homegrown Indian spices are beyond comparison in quality, enriched with a unique aroma and flavor, which is hard to find in spices available in other parts of the world.

Significant Qualities of Indian Spices Manufacturers

Some of the most popular spices remain in high demand throughout the year. It is good to be cautious while purchasing your choice of spices. Along with the pure spice form you may also find some adulteration in herbs. Local brands in the market offer low-quality spices for economic gains. Consumption of these spices can be harmful to your health.

Indian spice manufacturers undergo a sophisticated method of spice process and pack them according to the  international market standards. Cinnamon powder manufacturers in India offer the best quality, hygienic spices. To ensure the authenticity of a spice brand, check that the pack has:

·         A Hallmark logo

·         FSSAI license number

·         Manufacturing and expiring date

·         Batch Number

·         Hygienic packing

·         Quality certification

Some Interesting Facts about Indian Spices

Many of us even don't know that India once used to rule the world, when we talk about spices. Indian spices were famous and many Western countries came to India because of this spice trade. Below are some of the amazing facts about Indian spices:

·         Cardamom is among one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is costly because its harvesting needs a lot of manual labor and can only be hand-harvested .

·         Black pepper was so valuable in the old days that it was known as ‘Black Gold’.

·         Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, even costlier than gold.

·         Cinnamon is used in various dishes and can even change the entire taste of a dessert including cakes.

·         Turmeric is the most common spice used in Indian cuisine and offers a load of health benefits. It has antiseptic qualities and improves skin health.

·         Red chilli powder is another vital ingredient of Indian food. It also contains a high amount of vitamin C, even more than a lemon.


Indian spices are mostly used as a seasoning and impart flavors, pungency, aroma, and color to a dish. Moreover, spices can also enhance the shelf life of the food, as they delay spoilage by preserving the critical qualities of food products.

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