Essential Indian Spices for Daily Cooking
Essential Indian Spices for Daily Cooking
India is known for supplying an extensive array of premium quality spices. Most of the spices manufactured here, are as per the international quality standards and are prepared with the most advanced machinery and equipment.

Indian spices can be used whole or in ground form. There are basically textural and flavor differences between the two forms of spices. India spices can broadly be divided into three main categories, whole spices, ground spices, and spice blends.

Most Indian spice blend manufacturers like VLC spices check their spices on relevant parameters to maintain their authenticity. Spices are tested on the following parameters:

·         Edibility

·         Hygiene

·         Nutritive Value

·         Shelf Life

Later, the spices are packed as per customer specification with air-tight packaging so that spices retain their freshness and aroma.

Red Chilli Supplier in India                                                 

Indian red chilli is a staple spice used all over the world. This spice is known for its fiery hot taste. Red chillis are abundant in India, making it the largest exporter of this spice. No wonder red chilli price in India is so affordable making it a hub for Red chilli powder manufacturers in India.

Red chilli powder is used while preparing everyday dishes. Apart from providing a red color, it also provides a hot taste to a dish. This fiery spice also holds several health benefits, like it helps in weight loss, improves cognitive function, maintains blood pressure levels, helps in digestion, and also helps nasal congestion.

Red chilli powder is an essential part of our daily diet. To ensure getting optimum benefits from this spice, consider buying it from reputed manufacturers like VLC Spices. They are high-quality manufacturers of Indian spices including red chilli powder.

Garlic Powder Exporters India

Garlic is a flavorful spice, so most recipes use it in moderation. Garlic is very rich in nutrients and is used to prevent and treat different diseases. Garlic also has antimicrobial properties and is a good component of treatments for various viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic diseases.

Conventionally, garlic powder was made by a long process that involved removing the outer skin by hand and peeling the cloves manually, then dehydrating and powdering them for packing. But, VLC Spices has developed an efficient process to produce garlic powder free from the husk. Here, the garlic bulbs are broken, the cloves and papery husks are separated by aspiration, and then the cloves are mechanically dried. The dried product is processed to loosen and separate the adhering husk layer, after which the dried material is ground into powder form.

Finally, this powder is packed in air-tight packaging to maintain its flavor and aroma.

Indian Spice Blends Manufacturers

There are various types of Indian spice blends present in the market. These blends are prepared by mixing different spices to make unique blends. For example, garam masala is one of the most popular and used Indian spice blends, famous all over the world.

The ready-to-use spice mixes help you prepare various dishes and can turn them into delicious treats. While garam masala is the most common ingredient in our kitchens, a new variety of Indian spice blends are being introduced in the market that can make our cooking even more delicious. These masala mixes free you up from the hassle of stocking various spices, grinding them, and storing them in air-tight containers. You need to just open the pack and use them fresh while preparing any meal.

Some of the most common Indian spice blends are:

·         Pav bhaji Masala Mix

·         Tandoori Masala

·         Chaat Masala

·         Choley Masala

·         Paneer Tikka Masala

·         Biryani Masala


India is the largest producer of spices, thus housing many quality spice manufacturers and exporters. You can find any required quantity with assured quality with Indian spice manufacturers like VLC Spices.