Best agarwood company
Best agarwood company
Agarvietnam is best agarwood company in the world that supplies Vietnam agarwood with very good price. Visit for more info at

Agarvietnam is best agarwood company in the world that supplies Vietnam agarwood with very good price. Visit for more info at

Agarwood Essential Oil

In Vietnam, agarwood grows naturally scattered across the country. Agarwood essential oil at Chien Dan is extracted from natural agarwood and microbal agarwood, absolutely no chemicals, selected from the best raw materials in many provinces in Vietnam. Therefore, Chien Dan successfully created a pure agarwood essential oil brand with a unique aroma, receiving many good feedbacks both from domestic and foreign customers.


Agarwood essential oil is one of the most precious symbolic oils in the world. This kind of oil is extracted from Agarwood by steam distillation method, which is a red-brown liquid. Agarwood essential oil contains a variety of chemical components such as Agarol (sesquiterpene), Aquillochin (couinarinolignan), α- agarofurans, β- agarofurans, Agarospirol,…

Agarwood essential oil has many benefits for the health as well as the spirit of customers. The natural chemical components in this oil have laxatives and antidiarrheal which prevent digestive problems effectively. Because of its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties, this essential oil is applied widely for skincare. It makes the skin more soft and bright in an amazingly short time. Particularly, agarwood essential oil can fight harmful bacteria, improve the immune system, and bring a healthy and energetic body to people.

When it comes to agarwood essential oils, pure agarwood essential oil is always the most valuable. Seizing the opportunities and potential growth, Chien Dan Agarwood now specializes in pure agarwood essential oil in large quantities. Our product is naturally obtained 100% from agarwood, undergoes a meticulous producing process, and does not add chemicals or artificial colors. Therefore, it has special properties and sustainable values ​​for humans that no other artificial type can compare.

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