The Best Casamigos Tequila for A Fun Filled Fiesta | ShopSK
The Best Casamigos Tequila for A Fun Filled Fiesta | ShopSK
Picture this. The sun is setting, and you hear the sound of a mariachi band or maybe Latin music surrounded by laughter and tons of vivid colors. Casamigos Tequila this can only mean one thing: Fiesta time!

Best Casamigos Tequila for an Any Fiesta by ShopSK

Casamigos Anejo is 100% agave and has notes of caramel and vanilla. Keep in mind this is not the tequila for shots but if you prefer something with flavor to mask the tequila taste don’t worry. It does make a great cocktail as well.

One of the Online Liquor Store Near Me drinks to make with Casamigos Anejo tequila is a ginger beer margarita. This drink is a modern spin on the classic margarita. It is 2 parts Casamigos Anejo, 2 parts fresh lime just, 4 parts ginger beer, and 1 part simple syrup.

Those who want something a little bit lighter for those hot summer days can try a Casamigos Anejo spritzer. Try making this with one shot of Casamigos Anejo, equal parts lime or grapefruit juice, and fizzy water topped with cucumber slices. This will be sure to cool you down after a great time on the dance floor.