Top Qualities to Look for in Artisanal Coffee Roasters
Top Qualities to Look for in Artisanal Coffee Roasters
For coffee lovers and even those new to the experience, finding the perfect coffee is an experience worth remembering. However, with so many different coffee brands all offering the same thing, it’s tough to find a brand that stands out, one that’s worthy of pulling the trigger on something like a coffee box subscription. Here are a few of the top qualities you should consider when browsing artisanal coffee roasters.

For coffee lovers and even those new to the experience, finding the perfect cup is like finding the Holy Grail. With so many single origin and blend coffees to choose from, there’s something exciting about discovering a new favorite, especially when so many brands are offering the same “one-of-a-kind” experience. That said, finding the perfect coffee also means looking into the company that produces it, vetting their industry reputation as well as the variety of tasting notes they’re offering. Whether you’re looking to set up a coffee box subscription or simply browsing a field of options, here are some of the top qualities you should look for in artisanal coffee roasters.

A Reputation for Thoughtful Coffee Sourcing and Positive Community Relationships

Quality coffee is a craft all its own, requiring specialty-grade ingredients and a willingness to experiment with different roasts to find that perfect taste note again and again. For this reason, the highest-quality artisanal coffee roasters will often be proud of their reputations for thoughtful coffee sourcing, partnering directly with producers to bring their coffee to customers in the most sustainable way. Given that coffee is still often treated as an industrial commodity, harvested en masse from underpaid farmers by equally underpaid laborers, it’s important to find an artisanal coffee roaster who embraces a more positive, direct trade model, one that pays a premium to its farmers. Not only does this help improve the lives of smallholder farmers, but it helps build up their communities as well, providing meaningful careers and opportunities across the regions those coffees are grown.

A Variety of Single Origin Coffees with Distinctive Tasting Notes

The distinctness of different coffees, like wine, is directly linked to where those coffees originate from, the environment where that coffee is grown, and the method used to produce the final roast. While coffee naturally grows along the equator across the entire planet, the most popular coffees are grown in South America and Africa. Colombian coffee (the type most people are familiar with) is also one of the most produced and exported coffees around the world, with a nutty undertone, a strong caramel sweetness, and a sweet and medium-bodied taste. On the flip side, African coffees tend to have more citrusy, floral, or fruity taste notes. For coffee lovers looking to expand their horizons, a variety of single origin coffees is an exciting and welcome reason to put a gold star next to a coffee company’s name. If that company also happens to offer coffee gift subscriptions, this provides an easy way to introduce friends and loved ones to new taste notes and pairings.

A Consumer-friendly Website for New or Experienced Coffee Buyers

Shopping for coffee can be an experience all its own as well. With no guarantee that the grocery store will have your preferred blends in stock, having the option to purchase those blends online and deliver them directly to your door is a major consideration. Likewise, if you’re newer to coffee and unsure of where your palate preferences lie, user-friendly web options like a “coffee quiz” or coffee calculator are an engaging way to help you determine the tastes and brewing frequency that are right for you. In your search to vet different online coffee roasters, keep these considerations in mind. After all, your user experience in navigating a coffee retailer’s website will play a large part in your willingness to purchase from them at present or in the future.

About Verve Coffee Roasters

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