Celebrate Fall by Catering These Apple-Themed Dishes
Celebrate Fall by Catering These Apple-Themed Dishes
Fall is a magical time. The heat of summer has been replaced by the crisp, bracing autumn air. It’s one of the coziest times of the year. A season that special deserves to be celebrated with fall food. Specifically, it’s a time to celebrate apple-themed dishes. That goes for your team too. So, whether you’re catering Nashville meetings or doing so in NYC, look out for amazing apple-themed meals.

Fall is a magical time of year. The crisp autumn chill wakes the world from the heavy heat of summer. The days start to shorten, the leaves start to change, and everything feels just a bit cozier. A transition that enchanting deserves to be celebrated with the perfect seasonal food, and apples are a big part of the fall season.

If you want to treat the team to lunch and have some delicious fall-approved food catered to the office, you’re in luck. Whether it’s the corporate catering Columbus Ohio businesses are enjoying or those in Miami, here are some classic apple-themed fall menu items to check out.

Classic Combo with Pork Chops and Apple Sauce

Pork chops with apple sauce is a special dish. For many of your team members, it’s likely to be a nostalgic culinary classic that recalls unforgettable home-cooked meals. It’s also one of the rare dishes that can effectively achieve double duty as a childhood treat and an elegant cuisine highlight. That’s because the complementary flavor profile of pork and apple is an undeniable winner. For a more sophisticated translation of this meal, look for a restaurant in your area offering a pork chop with three-apple slaw.

Apple Pancakes, Waffles, or Fritters for Breakfast

You don’t have to wait for lunchtime to order corporate catering! A day that begins for your team with a delicious apple-themed breakfast selection is sure to be a success. Look for catering options featuring apple pancakes or waffles. Don’t be afraid to go with regional favorites, either. For example, if you’re catering Nashville team meals, keep your eyes open for a southern classic like apple fritters. For a more savory breakfast option, opt for apple sausage or an apple-ham quiche.

Light and Crisp Apple Salads

Salads are light, healthy, and an ideal option for team members adhering to diets or with dietary restrictions. A light, crisp apple salad is virtually certain to be low-carb and paleo-friendly, vegetarian or vegan, and gluten-free. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also delicious. Check menus for apple salad options like apple-cranberry; beet, fennel, and apple salad; and apple and goat cheese salad sprinkled with candied pecans.

A Main Course of Apple-Roasted Poultry or Apple-Stuffed Pork Loin

Beyond their comfy fall flavor, the appeal of apples in a fall dish is the subtle sweet tartness they contribute. That blend of flavors is as rewarding in sweet apple-themed breakfasts and desserts as it is for main courses. In fact, apple lends itself particularly well to poultry and pork dishes. Look for restaurants and caterers in your area that offer apple and herb roast chicken. For a bird more classically associated with fall, apple and sage turkey is a must. If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic and indulgent, smoked duck breast with apple-brandy caramel is a decadent experience your team will never forget.

And, of course, remember to cap off your fall team feast with an apple-based dessert. Your team will love apple-pumpkin or apple-pomegranate cobbler a la mode, apple-strawberry or apple-rhubarb crisp, or the perennial American classic—good old-fashioned apple pie.

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