4 Reasons Why Pizza Is the Ultimate Office Lunch Food
4 Reasons Why Pizza Is the Ultimate Office Lunch Food
A good team lunch gives everyone the chance to blow off steam and bond. Successful team lunches are also an effective way to support a more fun, vibrant company culture and enhance your brand. Of course, any team lunch, whether choosing New York or Portland catering, is only as good as its food. Pizza is as close to a universally loved food as you can get.

It’s an opportunity for the team to relax, mingle, and bond over delicious food. For the company, a successful office lunch can help promote a positive office culture and energize the team to perform at their very best. The question is, how do you ensure that your next team lunch is as fun and successful as it can be?

Any office lunch is only as good as the food presented. But with so many options, what type of food should you order? Whether you are looking for the best corporate Portland catering options or need food for a team lunch in Manhattan, it’s hard to go wrong with pizza. Here are a few reasons why a pizza party at your office will be a surefire win.

Everyone Loves Pizza

Ordering food for a team of 10, 20, or 50 people can be tricky. You need a streamlined food solution that will keep everyone happy. Pizza is about as close as you can get to a universally loved food. It’s very rare to find someone who says they absolutely can’t stand pizza, and maybe more common to find those who rate pizza as their favorite food. While it’s impossible to please everyone 100% of the time, you have fairly good odds with some primo ‘za.

Pizza Places Tend to Offer a Variety of Options

Beyond its widely appealing combination of crust, sauce, and cheese, there’s another reason pizza is such a fundamental American food favorite—variety. Most pizza restaurants offer dozens of combinations, and it’s easy to customize your pizza to fit different dietary, medical, or cultural food restrictions. The best pizzerias will offer vegetarian, low-carb, and even gluten-free pizzas. Pizza is a fantastic option if you want your team lunch to be inclusive (which you should).

The Right Catering Service Delivers Tons of Pizza Options

As universal as the love of pizza is, there is a world of distinctive regional preferences. Effective New York City, Chicago, or Cincinnati catering is going to provide access to those areas’ favorite pizzerias. That is certainly the case with pizza catering. Find a catering platform that allows your business to choose from a variety of popular local restaurants. Because you’re ordering for a big group, going through a corporate catering service might be better than calling the pizzeria the day of. The best corporate catering services will help streamline the whole ordering process, plus you can order ahead, so you know your pizzas will show up on time so your team lunch goes off without a hitch.

Easy Setup and Cleanup

Along with being tasty, a crowd favorite, and inclusive to all eating styles, pizza lunches are just so easy. There is practically no preparation required, and you don’t have to fuss with warming plates or chafers. In some cases, there aren’t even dishes or utensils to clean! Just clear an area for the pizza boxes and call the team over for a fun and delicious lunch.

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