3 Lunch Options to Celebrate Customer Service Week in Style
3 Lunch Options to Celebrate Customer Service Week in Style
The customer service team is often the face of a business as they interact with and support customers daily. To honor those dedicated to customer service, the first full week of October has been dubbed Customer Service Week. It’s a great reminder to celebrate your hard-working customer service team. Why not celebrate with catering? From catering Dallas based groups to Portland teams, here are a few options sure to please.

The customer service team is the face of a business as they interact with and support your customers daily. Customer service is there to save the day when people have questions, concerns, complaints, or just need a little help. It’s not the easiest job and comes with its fair share of stress, but it can be rewarding too.

To honor those dedicated to this part of a business, the first full week of October has been dubbed Customer Service Week. It’s a week dedicated to everyone who serves on the front lines of customer support. It’s also a week when businesses can show appreciation for their customer service teams—though you can do this any time of the year!

There are many ways you can show your appreciation for those in customer service, from offering bonuses to time off. Of course, you can always add food to the mix, as well. Why not order catering? Whether you’re catering Dallas based offices or catering Wilmington NC teams, there are wonderful and rewarding options everywhere. Here are three lunch options to celebrate Customer Service Week in style!

Start the Day with an Appreciation Brunch

Help your customer service team start the day right with catered breakfast or brunch. It’s a really good feeling when you arrive at work to be greeted with a spread of wholesome breakfast foods. The great thing about brunch is that it’s easy to find a top-notch brunch caterer just about everywhere. It might have something to do with everyone’s love of breakfast food! For example, if you’re catering Wilmington NC customer service teams, it’s hard to go wrong with Irv’s Catering and their The Champion Breakfast.

Celebrate Customer Service Teams with Barbecue

There’s something about barbecue that puts a smile on people’s faces. It’s hearty, filling, and satisfying. Depending on the location of your business and customer service team, finding stellar barbecue can be a challenge. But with innovation in catering solutions providers, catering Lexington KY or Portland OR customer service teams is a breeze. You can get barbecue to satisfy even the most discerning smoked meats fan on the team while showing appreciation for all they do.

Show Dedication to Your Team with a Bit of Italy

Whether you honor your customer service team during Customer Service Week or any other time of the year (as they no doubt deserve), why not dedicate a day to another cuisine that always satisfies? Italian! The great thing about Italian is that it’s diverse. Get a variety of pasta dishes, chicken dishes, vegetable dishes, salads, breads, and so much more. Many caterers offer individually packaged meals, or you can go buffet-style, which can often provide even more food options.

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