Cash App closed my account for suspicious activity
Cash App closed my account for suspicious activity
Do you know Cash App closed accounts for suspicious activity? Here we will discuss the reasons why Cash App closed your account for no reason.

The Cash App digital payment app is among the top-rated applications where users can perform different online transactions. The application is easily available online on Google Play Store and App Store. Download the Cash App and set up an account with the help of a mobile number or email ID. Users can send $250 in a week and receive payments amounting to $1000 in 30 days. However, users can verify the account to increase Cash App limit.


Do you know Cash App closed accounts for suspicious activity? Here we will discuss the reasons why Cash App closed your account for no reason. The users need to follow the prescribed guidelines or Cash App terms of service. If Cash App found anything out of order that looks suspicious, your account may get closed. 


If you are wondering, Cash App closed my account for no reason? It means you are not aware of the things that affect Cash App transactions. Here you can check the reasons below for the closed Cash App account:


  • Cash App closed account for gambling.
  • There are a violation of Cash App terms and services
  • The transaction history of your Cash App account was poor.
  • There were discrepancies in your personal details provided during the Cash App account set-up. 
  • Cash App noticed suspicious activity on your account.
  • The account was inactive for a long.
  • You are under 18 but managed to open a Cash App account.


Primarily, these are the reasons for Cash App closed account. It means Cash App closes the accounts for some reason. Without a valid reason, Cash App never close any account on its platform. What are the further steps if the Cash App account locked with money in it? Well, Cash App allows users to recover the account and withdraw money from it. You need to follow the account recovery options as mentioned below:


  • Set up a new Cash App account with a mobile number or email ID (You can't approach customer support until you are logged in). 
  • Complete the sign-up process and enter your personal information.
  • Be careful while entering the name, date of birth, mailing address and SSN details to verify your account.
  • Add your debit card details to link your bank account with Cash App. Remember, there must be the same debit card that was earlier linked with the old Cash App.
  • Now, tap the Support tab under the Profile section.
  • Thereafter, approach customer support and send your request to open a closed Cash App account.
  • The customer support team will examine your query based on available facts. The team may ask you additional questions to verify your identity.
  • Submit your answers carefully. If you successfully verify the identity, the Cash App will provide you access to the closed account.
  • Both accounts will be merged, and you will be able to withdraw money.


Sometimes, people ask Cash App locked my account due to suspicious activity, how to unlock the account? Here we want to clarify that the procedure for unlocking the account is the same as explained above. You have to follow the step by step guidelines to unlock Cash App account.




If you keep searching Cash App closed my account for no reason, it means you have not gone through the above information carefully. The reasons for the Cash App account closed have been discussed above. There could be many reasons behind a closed account on Cash App. 


However, the users can reopen the account after following the account recovery guide as explained above. If you find it difficult to unlock Cash App, seek help from customer service.