Small Business Loan
Small Business Loan
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Small Business Loan

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The borrower who wants to enlarge their Business Loan or finance a business plan can go for the business loan. It is provided by the Banks, Financial institutions, or NBFCs. A n applicant can get loan amount up to Rs. 5 crores for the business purpose with repayment tenure of maximum 36 months. 

Interest rate for small business loan  

Loan amount  

Rs. 1 lakh – Rs. 5 crores

Rate of interest


Loan tenure  

Up to 36 months

Eligibility for small business loan  

  • The applicant must have the residence of India.
  • Age of the borrower should be a minimum of 21 years.
  • Balance sheet of the business must show in profit.
  • Proof of IT return of last 3 financial years and sales turnover.

The borrower should be self-employed individual and have 3 years of business experience.

Documents required for small business loan

  • Identity proof – Passport, Voter ID Card, Aadhar card, etc.
  • Address proof - Voter ID Card, Passport, Utility bill, etc.
  • Business proof – Trade license, Establishment license, etc

Bank statements of last 6 months.

Commercial Property Loan and house property documents for secured business loan.

Partnership deed, and sole proprietor deed, etc.

Balance sheet that shows profit and loss account of last 2 years and business income tax certificate which has to be certified by Chartered Accountant.