Project Report Format
Project Report Format
Project report plays an vital role in evaluating business loan proposal & this type of document prepared by industries experts wherein our team create project report for bank loans.

Project Report Format

A project report is an important document that contains all the information about the planned business model. It includes all the information such as economic, managerial, financial, technical aspects of the business or project in question. Creating a project report is not an easy task for all entrepreneurs therefore financeseva came to help you in making the best detailed project report for the loan.

The format of a project report consists of: -

  • Introductory Page
  • Scope of the project
  • Details about the Promoters
  • Product /services
  • Location details
  • Plant & machinery details
  • Raw materials (if any)
  • Market potential and marketing strategy
  • Employees' details
  • Project cost
  • Application of fund
  • Means of Financing
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • cash Flow Statement
  • general Ratios
  • Break-Even Point Evaluations
  • Conclusions

Who will make the project report?

The project report is a significant document that needs professionals concerning their experience and education qualifications such as Chartered Accountants, Ex-bankers, and other finance professionals.

Need for a project report

If the borrower plans to start a new business or a project or wants to expand their existing business, it requires funding for any business. And if the borrower has everything planned for the project but does not have funds to execute, then he can take a bank loan from lenders and financial institutions.