Credit Report India
Credit Report India
Are you planning to avail Loan? Financeseva lets you know how good your score is. Get your free credit report in 30 seconds. Find loans based on your credit score.

Credit Report India

Credit Report India

A credit score is also known as CIBIL Score/ Credit Report, is a 3-digit numerical number that represents how well you have managed credit. It is primarily used to measure your ability to borrow – calculated basis your past behavior with credit.  

In other words, your Credit Report India indicates to lenders whether you are a capable borrower or a risky borrower, and the likelihood of you repaying a new loan responsibly. Whenever you apply for any kind of loan or a credit card, the lender’s bank or non-banking financial company (NBFCs) takes an in-depth look at your credit score and credit history that is maintained in your credit report.  

Your credit score is calculated out of 900. The higher your credit score, the more likely lenders are to approve you for new credit. Usually, a score of 750 and above is preferred by lenders.

Why get your Credit Report from

Apart from the fact that offers CIBIL score for FREE, there are several other benefits that you can avail after checking your credit score from The following are the ways in which Financeseva can help you in building and maintaining your credit score good: -

Free CIBIL Report: It allows you to download the CIBIL report for FREE and can also compare your credit score from other bureaus that too for FREE.

Lifetime Free Tracking with Monthly Updates: Get your score updates on monthly frequency for Free, this will allow you to check and track your Credit Report score seamlessly.

Chance of Approval: With the “Chances of Approval” unique feature, customers can match with the most suited lender based on their credit score and other eligibility factors for a specific loan product. Therefore, when you apply for any loan product from, you will see your chance of approval with each lender marked as excellent, good, fair..etc. on the basis of your credit score and eligibility.  

Credit Advisory Service: We offer Credit Advisory service to help consumers build, improve and maintain a high CIBIL score for easy access to formal credit.