Car Insurance Tips
Car Insurance Tips
Having the right insurance for you and your family is extremely important, and my mission is to educate you on what you should know about insurance. My blog provides you with valuable insurance information that’ll benefit you and your wallet.

We all know car insurance is important, but do we really understand why? Sure, the law requires us to have auto insurance, but it’s more than that. Should you be in an accident, your car insurance can pay for the emergency room costs or the cost of a chiropractor or the ongoing physical therapy for kids that may be required afterward. But it’s also a well-known fact that car insurance rates can vary widely. You may be surprised to learn about these few key factors that are affecting your car insurance rate.

When it comes to your car insurance, age plays a key role in a few different ways. For one, you will notice that either end of the age spectrum tends to produce higher insurance rates on average. This explains why your aging parents are likely going to have a higher insurance rate than you are. On a similar note, someone who is young and has just gotten their driver’s license will also have a harder time finding a car insurance plan that is cheaper than those who are a bit older.


Of course, you can’t do much about your age when it comes to car insurance policies. All you can really do is wait. But there are other steps you can take to ensure that your car insurance rates don’t go up in the meantime. Make sure you do everything you can to avoid getting into accidents. When you’re behind the wheel, don’t allow your focus to drift elsewhere. This means no texting, no scrolling through your phone to select a new song. By being diligent about your awareness when you’re driving, you give yourself the best chance of getting a better insurance rate as a result of a strong, positive driving record. And that leads us to our next point.

Driving History

Your driving record will affect your car insurance rate in quite a major way. In fact, it will impact your score perhaps more than anything else on this list. If you’ve been in an auto accident before, then it stands to reason that your rate is going to be higher, because the best future indicator of anything (especially anything related to driving) is past performance. In other words, insurance companies see that if you’ve had a car accident before, you’re more likely to have another one than someone who hasn’t had any car accidents. But don’t worry, if you have been in an auto accident, you can get back on track by learning about your own mistakes and correcting them each and every time you go back out on the roads.

Many auto insurance companies have several different informational programs that they can provide for you to further break down the specifics of your insurance rate. Often times your local insurance agent is happy to answer any questions you might have about your own driving record and how it relates to your current credit score. They can also usually give you some tips and pointers on things you can do to ensure that you qualify for a lower rate in the future.

When you’re driving, it’s a good idea to stay aware of your surroundings. The most common auto insurance claims in the United States are fender benders, theft, whiplash, vandalism, windshield damage, back injuries, and animal collision. While some factors are surely out of your control, a lot of car accidents come down to distracted driving and other factors that are absolutely within your control as the person in command of the vehicle. By always practicing safe, defensive driving habits when you’re out on the roads, you drastically reduce your chances of having an accident. This means that you will have a more positive driving record, which in turn means you will qualify for lower car insurance rates. Keep that in mind the next time you’re tempted to drive without a calm state of mind.

Vehicle Type

Even if that shiny new red sports car seems like an attractive purchase, you may want to consider that it will also come with higher car insurance rates. That’s right, though most people find this fact quite surprising, the type of vehicle that you drive has a major impact on your car insurance. Instead of a risky fast car, opt for something a little less fancy and a little more modest to ensure that you have access to the best car insurance rates possible.

Just look at some trends in the manufacturing of cars these days. Many companies are using lean manufacturing methods to produce their products. This is good news for the driver who’s looking to keep their insurance rates affordable, as it means there are more options for cars that have high safety ratings, thus making them friendlier to insurance companies of all kinds.

Keep in mind that most insurance companies are always looking to protect their bottom line. They like to ensure drivers who are safe and cautious, and also those who drive vehicles that are not likely to get into frequent accidents that will end up costing them money in the form of insurance claims. Their logic is quite clear when it comes to vehicle types, and it’s a helpful thing to remember the next time you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle. Find one that is safe and secure to give yourself a lower monthly rate.

Vehicle Size

While vehicle type plays a big role in your insurance rate, the size of your vehicle does too. Insurance companies want to know that you have a low likelihood of having an accident when you are driving around. Furthermore, they want to know that if an accident does occur, the vehicle will not end up with catastrophic damage that is hard to repair and costs them lots of money in claims and coverage. When it comes to selecting a vehicle, you should always keep this in mind. Far too many drivers choose their vehicle based on superficial factors, which, though fun, often aren’t the best choices if you’re looking to get the best insurance rate possible.

In addition to the size of the vehicle, you should also consider its age. Older vehicles tend to receive lower safety ratings. They also tend to have more problems with them, which in turn increases the likelihood of accidents as a result of mechanical failure. When you’re attracted to an older used car because of its price, just remember that you will often end up paying a bit more in car insurance bills from month to month.

The Insurance Company Itself

With so many factors affecting your monthly car insurance rate, it’s easy to look right past some of the more obvious things. In fact, most drivers never even think to shop around for lower rates from other car insurance companies. There are many reasons for one insurance company to charge more than another for the same service. This is why it’s a good idea to shop around a bit before committing to the first insurance company that you happen to come across. Being a little more scrupulous will often lead to a much more favorable rate for you and your family.

The advantage of newer, smaller car insurance companies is that they will often offer beneficial promotions to attract new customers. While these deals can be quite good for you, you should always be careful to read the full terms of any promotional deals that you sign up for. On the flip side, more established, traditional insurance companies offer you the advantage of years of experience in the industry. Both models have their pros and cons, but the wise vehicle owner will be sure to shop around and explore their options so they can better determine which type of insurance company is best for their needs.

Credit History

Among the many factors used by insurance software to compute your insurance rate is your credit history. While your credit history and your car insurance may seem like two totally unrelated factors, they are actually closely tied when it comes time for an insurance company to calculate your rates. As with the rest of your financial life, a good credit score is always something that will come in handy when you’re looking to get the best deal possible.

If you are having trouble securing a fair and reasonable car insurance rate as a result of your poor credit score, then it’s a good idea to do everything within your power to not only improve your credit but to also focus on improving in other areas that can lower your car insurance rate. Sure, your credit score is a key factor in determining your overall rate, but keep in mind that it is just one of many factors that car insurance companies take into account. This is good news. If your credit isn’t great, then shift your focus to improving your driving record and doing all the right things that will lead to a more confident assessment of your abilities from the standpoint of your insurance company.


Most drivers are shocked when they discover that the place you live impacts your car insurance rates. While most states within the US offer rates that are more or less the same, there are certain states where you will notice a significant change in car insurance rates. For a lot of people who are settled in their home state, this is something that you just can’t change. But if you’re interested in moving somewhere new, you may want to do your research and check in on the average car insurance rates for the area you’re moving into. You might be surprised at what you discover!

For anyone who’s not sure about how their state calculates auto insurance, this information can be found quite easily with a quick online search. You also have the option of speaking to a local insurance agent who is familiar with the average rates for the state, the region, and beyond. Doing your homework in this area could make the difference between a good rate and one that’s a little too pricey.


When it comes to automobile insurance companies, the more experience you have driving a car, the better. Many companies will even lower your rates if you’ve taken courses at a driving school. Of course, getting more experience is often the result of time spent out on the road, but you can control how much experience you’re getting. This is especially true for new and inexperienced drivers. If you notice that there is a particular aspect of driving a vehicle that’s causing problems for you, then focus on correcting it. With the right education and discipline, you can quickly progress your confidence and abilities when you’re out on the road.

You could begin by reading up on a specific subject that is giving you problems. There is also no shortage of videos that will show you in-depth instructions on some of the more challenging aspects of driving, such as parallel parking. When you take the right approach to learning the skills you need to be successful, you’ll notice that your confidence will skyrocket almost immediately. These types of positive steps forward will help you to become a better, safer driver, while also moving you closer toward a reasonable insurance rate that doesn’t break the bank.

Trying to find the best rate for your auto insurance can be a hassle, but it can also end up saving you lots of money on your monthly bills. Car insurance is an essential piece of owning and driving a vehicle. Car insurance is there for you in your time of need. Whether you had your vehicle moved across state lines and the standards of towing safety weren’t followed, resulting in body damage to your vehicle, or if you were in a rear-end collision, auto insurance will help cover the costs of fixing your vehicle. The next time you’re considering changing insurances or making any other change to your driving habits, consider all the different factors that affect your car insurance rate.