Unique features of silver wholesale jewelry
Unique features of silver wholesale jewelry
A surprising new trend in the jewelry industry: buying wholesale jewelry by the kilogram!
  • Shiny metallic luster

  • Freshly polished silver is particularly bright, shining with a silvery metallic sheen. As one of the shiniest among the metals, silver is a popular and excellent material for various jewelry designs. Meanwhile, it is also the whitest metal. However, when exposed to air, it will quickly produce a layer of black oxide to tarnish the shiny surface.

  • Suitable for matching

  • Silver wholesale jewelry pieces have a bright shiny luster, however, they are not showy. That is also to say, silver is suitable for matching any kind of other metals and clothes. Therefore, when you want to layer your jewelry or match it with clothes, silver can be a perfect choice, which will not clash with your clothing but enhances the wearer’s unique charm.

  • Low hardness

  • Just as we mentioned before, pure silver is soft, which is easy to be scratched or damaged. To make it more suitable for daily use, silver is usually combined with other metals like copper, platinum, and zinc to improve its durability. Therefore, most silver wholesale jewelry pieces are sterling silver, which is also called 925 silver. It strengthens the silver without losing the metal’s incredible shine.

    Jewelrykg launched a new sales model: jewelry wholesale by kilogram. One kilogram will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry. The jewelry is randomly placed in the package, and the price is calculated according to the weight. What’s more, you can enjoy an interesting blind box experience.