If you happen to haven’t noticed, 2021 has already begun and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s time to pull out our makeup pouch and incomparable some glam action.

If you happen to haven’t noticed, 2021 has already begun and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s time to pull out our makeup pouch and incomparable some glam action. Whether you’re anti-valentine, dating someone, crushing on somebody, ghosting someone or just celebrating with your BFFs, Valentine’s Day may be the day to dress up! It’s the time of the entire year you flaunt your best cat-eye look or dewy skin for innumerable compliments to pour in. Whip out your kiss-proof lipsticks or lip stains,your foundation shades, your sultry eyeshadow palettes and glitter because we’re listing down 6 Valentine’s cosmetic looks that you as well as your sweetheart will not be able to resist. Whatever your Valentine’s Day looks like, we’ll make sure you look fabulous with these foolproof make-up looks!


Galentine’s Day

Let’s start with the day before Valentine’s Day. All over the world, Galentine’s Day has become a beloved tradition, because of Leslie Knope! It’s a day whenever we appreciate our pals, just forget about heartbreaks and celebrate the season of love with our girlfriends. And that’s accurately why we’ve picked a dramatic and bold look for that one. Because let’s be honest, nobody hypes up our makeup game the way our females do. We’re talking about going all-out with shimmer and sass. Yes, it’s about enjoying the sparkles.


You can use glitter eyeshadow in many different ways - from gracing it on your own lips to eyes. You will keep the glitter neutral or go colourful.


How exactly to Rock this Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

For the first option, begin by blending a neutral eyeshadow in your crease and deepening the outer portions with a matte brown or black eyeshadow.  Once all matte shades are blended to perfection, apply glitter around your lids. For that extra shine, layer the glitter over a metallic eyeshadow.


Another cool one is, prep your eyelids with a base or heavy-duty concealer and apply glitter all over your lids. This look works the very best with chunky glitter as the previous one increases results with fine glitter.


Too Much To Handle

That one is for the bold ones. Specially picked to go with your intimidating and adventurous personality. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by celebrating your Boss persona by using something fun. That’s accurately why graphic eyeliner is a trend designed for you! All you need for this look is your favourite, vibrant liquid lipstick. It’s that easy.


How exactly to Rock this Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

Use a little, tiny eyeliner brush and coat its bristles with your favourite shade of liquid lipstick. Start by tracing a straightforward line across your top lash line and extend it further to draw fierce wings or achieve a look of your decision. If you’re unhappy with the offbeat look, drag the liner through your crease.


FaceTime ‘n’ Dine

Locked up from your boo? Have an enchanting dinner over a video call. Don’t skip the biggest opportunity of the entire year to dress up and appearance your very best. But staying home and putting on makeup isn’t exactly like stepping out to flaunt your masterpiece, right? We've the fix for you with a supremely simple yet come up with, chic look. Try your hand at monochromatic makeup. This look demands using the same colour cosmetic product on your own eyes, lips and cheeks.


The simplest way to nail this look is by deciding on a lipstick which will look great on your own eyes and cheeks aswell. Our suggestion is to go in with neutral shades like brown, peach, mauve or muted pink.


How to Rock this Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

Once you’re done with your entire base makeup, apply some of your lipstick on your cheeks as a cream blush and blend it out with your fingers or brush. Similarly for the eyes, apply the lipstick on your own lids and gently pat and blend the edges with your ring finger. But if this isn’t working out for you, select a metallic lipstick! Adding shimmer or metallic tones is the simplest way to amp up any cosmetic look, even something as simple as a monochromatic look. 


New Romance

This one is for the newly coupled up babes. If you’ve just started seeing someone and want to look your very best for them, this look is for you. It’s packed with blushy tones, rosy hues and fiery reds! This look is simply perfect for expressing affection during this season of love. So pick your favourite pink blush, eyeshadow or lipstick and prepare yourself!


How exactly to Rock this Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

Start by packing on a pink eyeshadow or powder blush on your own eyelid with a set eyeshadow brush. Using a fluffy brush, diffuse the edges by blending the merchandise up and out. Run the same colour along your bottom lash line. Once you’re done, add a wing with black eyeliner or just complete the appearance with a few coats of mascara. Pair this look with a pink lipstick or the favourite valentine’s shade, red.


Young Love

Oh, to be young and in love! Want to impress your S/O with a compelling look this valentine’s Day? Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like cherry pink lipstick. Go for a hot, pretty pink lipstick with neutral cosmetic look and wavy curls. Because of this look, you’ll desire a nude eyeshadow palette and a beautiful pink lippy.


How to Rock this Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

This look demands focus on the lips. Keep carefully the rest of that person natural with muted shades and apply pink liquid lipstick. Matte, liquid lipsticks stick out more than creme and therefore, have a higher impact.


Heart Eyes Completely

So, you’re one of the tough kinds who wasn’t impressed by any suggestion? We’re sure this can make your heart melt. Show your lover you’re lovestruck with literal heart eyes! This will put in a whole new degree of fun and quirkiness to your lifestyle and totally worth giving a try.  The very best part here? This look could be created with existing cosmetic stash. Pick your favourite cosmetic from the list above and let’s get to this one!


How exactly to Rock this Valentine’s Day Makeup Look:

Just like the graphic eyeliner, you will desire a tiny eyeliner brush and a pink or red liquid lipstick. Coat the bristles with an adequate amount of lipstick and draw tiny hearts on your own eyelids or about your eyes. Once you’re pleased with the heart, you can either fill it in with the same lipstick or apply a matte white shadow on the inside to help make the heart pop! This can be paired with any look so go on and try it.