How to Find the Perfect Fine Jewelry for Your Significant Other
How to Find the Perfect Fine Jewelry for Your Significant Other
Fine jewelry has been one of the most meaningful and popular gifts that people have given to those they care about for some time. Beautiful, designer-quality jewelry remains one of the most beloved gifts to this day. However, a gift that important, from small hoop earrings to an engagement ring, can be intimidating. It helps to have some buying strategies.

A beautiful piece of fine jewelry has long been one of the most popular and beloved gifts that someone can give to their significant other. However, a gift that meaningful and important can be intimidating to choose. Thankfully, there are a few strategies to help you find top-tier jewelry that your partner will love. These strategies apply whether you’re looking for high-quality small hoop earrings, a gorgeous tennis bracelet, or a stunning diamond engagement ring.

Find a Direct-to-Consumer Fine Jewelry Brand

All too often, people intent on finding the perfect gift for their loved ones make the same miscalculation—they conflate designer-quality jewelry with a designer’s name. The markup accompanying a designer brand’s name on the box is almost guaranteed to be significant, to say the least. The same is true of in-store jewelers. Thankfully, the right direct-to-consumer brand can provide you with a premium fine jewelry shopping experience, minus the hassles. The best direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brands can offer designer-quality fine jewelry without the designer markups. Better still, find a brand that delivers true pricing transparency with a breakdown of where your money goes.

Choose a Brand That Offers Customizations

A gift for a loved one as important and valuable as designer-quality fine jewelry should be exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why finding a brand that offers custom jewelry options that work with your budget is so essential. Choose a brand with top-tier jewelry designs that you can customize to perfection. Some of the best may allow you to choose your preferred metal color as well as the total carat weight of the diamonds in the piece. The brand you choose should also have a professional concierge to work with you directly if you decide to create a fully custom piece for your significant other. If you’re creating or customizing an engagement ring, be sure the brand offers complimentary engraving.

Insist on Ethically Sourced Diamonds

You should know that any piece of handcrafted jewelry you gift to a significant other, or anyone for that matter, contains ethically sourced materials. Ensure that any diamonds and precious metals are ethically sourced for a gift you can be confident in and that they can be confident wearing. Confirm that the brand you choose is RJC certified and a member of the World Diamond Council. Finding a brand that has certified its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices by earning the Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury is better still.

Prioritize a Try-at-Home Program

Finally, choose a brand that allows you to examine the piece before you buy it. There are two effective options for that. The first is a try-at-home program in which you’re sent a replica or replicas of the fine jewelry you have in mind. The second is having the ability to view every angle of your piece online in 3D. By following these strategies and researching the brand, you’re sure to find fine jewelry your significant other will love.

About Verlas

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