How to Find Out Which Precious Metal Suits You Best
How to Find Out Which Precious Metal Suits You Best
Diamonds get a lot of hype in the fine jewelry world. But the shade of precious metal that those diamonds sit in has a lot more stylistic value than you might think. Check out these three stunning shades of gold to help you figure out which one suits your next diamond pendant, tennis bracelet, or small hoop earrings the best.

Diamonds usually take center stage when it comes to fine jewelry. But the precious metal also holds a ton of stylistic value. So how do you choose which precious metal suits you best and which one to choose for your next signature piece? Here we will look at three stunning shades of gold and how best to style them so you can get a better idea of which one inspires you to create the looks you love.

White Gold

White gold is the most neutral gold in the game. One of the most amazing things about white gold is that it can flawlessly balance a bounty of different gemstones. Whether diamonds or bold gemstones like sapphire or ruby, your white gold jewelry lets the gemstone shine. It is also essential to remember that white gold has a cooler tone, so it pairs well with a cooler-toned wardrobe. But again, white gold is versatile and works well as a cool outfit accent for your warmer wardrobe choices.

Just as white gold supports any beautiful gemstone you pair it with, white gold alone holds a sort of timeless elegance to any outfit. A white gold pair of small hoop earrings can help accentuate your cheekbones and frame your face no matter how casual your outfit is.

Rose Gold

Rose gold has really taken off on the trend train this last decade. But trends are there for a reason—because they look incredible. Rose gold adds the slightest touch of femininity to any piece of perfected jewelry with its luminous pink hue. This precious metal makes it easy to pull off a contemporary look and can give a chic look to any gemstone it’s paired with.

You can create a trendy look that is visually exciting when you pair this contemporary precious metal with a classic jewelry silhouette like a diamond pendant necklace. You can even pair your rose gold jewelry with a stunning pink gemstone like morganite.

Classic Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is simply timeless and looks fantastic in any jewelry silhouette. And the absolute best part is that there are truly no rules when it comes to yellow gold jewelry. You can wear it with whatever you want. This warm-toned precious metal can mimic those long days of the summer sun or the coziness of a winter fire.

Again, classic yellow gold goes with everything, including other metal tones. The best jewelry brands even offer custom jewelry options so you can create a fully custom piece that mixes these metal tones for the ultimate styling mix and match.

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