How to Coordinate Your Fine Jewelry with Your Outfit
How to Coordinate Your Fine Jewelry with Your Outfit
Coordinating your fine jewelry to your outfit can sometimes be time-consuming and challenging. But knowing what goes best with your diamond pendant and other jewelry before you start crafting your look is easy with some tips. Here’s how you can coordinate your fine jewelry pieces for a chic look no matter the occasion or style of outfit.

Putting together the perfect outfit is never complete until you pick out the perfect fine jewelry to complement it. Going through each piece of jewelry and trying to match it to your outfit can be time-consuming, and sometimes you still aren’t sure if you made the right choice. Fortunately, coordinating your fine jewelry doesn’t have to be difficult with the right tips. Before you know it, coordinating your beautiful collection with your outfit will become second nature.

Match the Occasion

Matching the occasion is the first step to coordinating your entire outfit, including your fine jewelry. Think about what you’ll be doing and what pieces might work best based on that. If you’re going to a formal event and the weather is warm, for instance, it’s a great time to put your finest tennis bracelet on display. Are you heading to work in a button-up shirt and want to add just the right amount of polish? Add your favorite diamond pendant to complete your look. Just consider the occasion and what you’ll be doing and plan accordingly from there.

Pay Attention to Tones

The tone of your fine jewelry can definitely play off of your outfit and even your complexion. In general, opposites suit each other best when it comes to coordinating your pieces. Suppose you have a warmer skin tone, then cooler metals like white gold pop out more. Cooler skin tones can benefit from warmer-toned jewelry. If you have an outfit sporting cool tones, it’s best to pair it with warm tones, like a yellow gold or rose gold diamond pendant necklace. The same reasoning goes for outfits with warmer tones; choose jewelry with a cooler tone, and it’ll help make it stand out. And if you’re wearing a piece with ethically sourced diamonds, you’ll certainly want it to stand out.

Frame Your Face

Framing your face is easier than you might think. Once you’ve picked out some pieces based on your desired tone, the rest is easy. Small hoop earrings are the ideal fine jewelry for helping frame your cheekbones and jawline. The circular shape helps accentuate angles in your face. However, framing your neck and collarbone will always be the job of a great necklace. Deciding which necklace style depends upon the neckline of your outfit; for example, V-neck tops can be flattering with longer pendants and so forth.

Keep the Pattern of Your Outfit in Mind

The pattern of your outfit can and should impact your jewelry choices. Once again, think about opposites here. If you’re wearing an outfit that has a lot of busy patterns, you’re going to want to stick to more simple, straightforward fine jewelry. But if you’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t have many patterns, you can showcase something more intricate. This way, the jewelry piece itself can become the dazzling focal point of your outfit.

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