Fabrics That are Perfect for Your Wedding Gown | USA Bridal Blog
Fabrics That are Perfect for Your Wedding Gown | USA Bridal Blog
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Achieving your dream silhouette for your wedding gown includes picking the perfect fabric for it. Specific wedding fabrics are used to successfully create a certain wedding dress. For example, there are bridal fabrics that are suitable in making structured designs, while others are used for flowy, light looks and others are for ball gowns.

It is important to know your preferences in finding your perfect dress. Do you want it to show your curves, conceal certain body parts or move with ease at the reception? Visit a bridal warehouse, like USA Bridal, that can give professional tips in picking the right fabric and style. Let this blog help you in choosing the right fabric for your wedding dress.

  • Satin


It is one of the most common and most versatile bridal fabrics. Correcting most people’s misconception, satin is not a fiber, rather it is a ‘finish’. This is why you can have satin made out of pure silk, polyester, or a blend of the two. Weddings made in colder areas choose this kind of fabric because of its thicker characteristic. Satin is also perfect for ball gown styles, ruched, and draped gowns. 

  • Charmeuse


This fabric has a smooth and shiny finish, light and rich fabric best used for lovely drapes. It is usually made out of synthetic fibers and silk. The front side of it is shiny while the back has a dull matte finish.  Flowing wedding gowns are made from this fabric. It drapes perfectly on the body, making the flaws more visible.  

  • Chiffon


It is a fabric known for its sheer, lightweight finish. This fabric is often used in layers due to its sheerness but it also creates beautiful results when laid on top of other materials. Moreover, chiffon is best used for drapes and shawls that are perfect for a bride's added coverage and warmth. This is the perfect fabric for a dream wedding destination like beaches, due to its flowy and lightweight material.

  • Organza


Also known as a delicate fabric, organza has sheer finish but more structured than chiffon. It is similar to a tulle fabric but this one is stiffer. Twirling is best done with dresses made out of this fabric. It moves with you while creating a more structured style. 

  • Tulle


This is the fabric that is best incorporated with lace. It has a net-like finish that gives volume and shape especially on the skirt part of the dresses. There are three kinds of tulle fabrics - soft tulle for a fit-and-flare, fine tulle for your veil and stiff netting used as petticoats. 

  • Lace


Lace is one of the most popular fabrics in wedding gowns. No wonder, because it adds elegance and grace to any gown. There are a dozen kinds of lace but the most used for bridal gowns are Cahntilly, Alencon, and Venise.

  • Stretch Crepe


This fabric is known to have a matte finish and subtle crepe texture. Most designers choose this on fit-and-flare gowns and other fitted-style dresses. It hugs the bride’s body perfectly, good for showing their fine curves. In addition to that, crepe is used for minimalist gowns with bows and buttons as embellishments. 

  • Silk Mikado


Go with this fabric if you are not too keen on wearing shiny-finish gowns or a completely matte look. This fabric has the right amount of subtle sheen with gorgeous stiff material. It is also perfect for structured gowns that will hold its shape.

  • Silk Faille


This fabric is known to match any wedding gown silhouette because of its ability to fit perfectly in the body and its closely woven weave. It suits a fit-and-flare, flowy A-line gown, and even a ballgown. Plus point for its wrinkle-resistant characteristic. 

  • Neo-preen Scuba


This fabric is relatively new in the bridal gown fashion scene but it has great potential. It is called scuba because of its similarity to the fabrics used for swimwears. It fits perfectly on the body and has supportive thickness and weight. Moreover, it has a great level of stretch making it comfortable to wear.



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