5 Tips for Styling Your Fine Jewelry This Summer
5 Tips for Styling Your Fine Jewelry This Summer
Planning out your outfits for summer usually looks a little different than any other time of the year, and your jewelry is no exception. Whether you’re getting ready for a summer vacation or getting the most out of the longest days of the year, choosing what jewelry to wear in the summer can change your entire look. Here are five tips for styling and wearing your fine jewelry this summer.

Summer is the season of being out and about, whether enjoying summer vacation or simply getting the most out of the longest days of the year. Planning outfits for warmer days is a considerable part of your summer styling, and it extends to your jewelry choices. Here are some tips for wearing, styling, and packing your fine jewelry this summer.

Keep It Minimal

Summer screams easygoing style. You don’t want to mess with heavy and clunky jewelry when it’s humid and hot outside. Keep your jewelry choices minimal but bold to get the style you want for summer. Delicate and minimal pieces like a single diamond pendant necklace can give your look a little bit of sparkle while keeping a minimalist style that complements any summer ensemble.

Choose High-Quality Pieces

Buying high-quality fine jewelry should always be a priority, especially in the summertime. Plated brass or copper jewelry can damage easily in the hot weather and can also irritate and temporarily discolor your skin. High-quality fine jewelry ensures that you always get the shimmer you want from your jewelry—and it holds up against the summer heat. Look for high-quality, ethically sourced diamonds and precious metals that will hold up to the heat and your standards.

Break Out Your Favorite Gemstone Pieces

Summer is the perfect season to add a little gemstone color to your outfit. You can coordinate the color of your gemstones with the colors in your ensemble to make a well-rounded and stylish look. Gemstone rings and small hoop earrings are excellent minimal pieces you can add to your favorite summer outfits. You can even create custom jewelry pieces with your favorite gemstones to make a piece that is perfect for you. Some of the best brands offer custom jewelry options while working with your budget.

Rock Your Rose Gold Jewelry

If you’re trying to narrow down which metal tone is perfect for summer, here is some free advice: rose gold jewelry. This popular and timeless metal tone has only been rising in popularity and is likely to stay on trend for years to come. Rose gold is reminiscent of those stunning summer sunsets and is the perfect metal tone for gorgeous, summer-ready pieces.

Properly Pack Your Jewelry During Summer Travel

Summer vacations are the best occasions to show off your favorite fine jewelry pieces. So it’s vital to properly pack your jewelry to protect your investment. Always keep your fine jewelry in a jewelry roll, jewelry box, or a drawstring pouch made for transporting jewelry to help keep it from getting damaged during your trip. Look for an option that’ll keep your pieces from tangling and keep them in one convenient place, so you won’t have to do any suitcase searching once you arrive at your final destination.

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