5 Reasons Custom Jewelry Is Becoming So Popular
5 Reasons Custom Jewelry Is Becoming So Popular
Custom jewelry has been growing in popularity over the past decade. What marks the sudden change? Aside from custom jewelry being more accessible than ever before, there are great values out there too. Plus, it’s easy to design a piece of fine jewelry from the comfort of home. Check out these five reasons why custom jewelry is soaring in popularity.

These days, creating your own customized piece of jewelry is easier and more accessible than ever. Along with more options to fit different budgets, you have tons of choices as well. From making minor customizations on existing pieces to designing your own entirely custom piece, here is what makes custom jewelry so desirable and why you should consider creating your own.

It’s a Wearable Form of Artistic Expression

One of the best reasons to choose custom jewelry is because designing your own piece of fine jewelry is a form of artistic expression. Having a creative outlet is one thing, but what if you could wear and showcase your art whenever you wanted? By customizing a diamond pendant or a set of small hoop earrings, you get the chance to be creative and watch your vision come to life. The best part is that your creation will last forever.

Custom Forever-Lasting Jewelry Is Unique to You

Just like with our clothing, we love creating unique looks. Your customized jewelry is unique to you and can complement your distinct style no matter what you’re wearing. Custom-created, forever-lasting jewelry can even become a family keepsake passed down through generations. You can create a special and unique family heirloom that can stay with you and your family for years and years.

You Don’t Need Any Design Experience

Many people assume that you need artistic experience to create a piece of custom fine jewelry. While it certainly doesn’t hurt, it’s not required. Some of the best fine jewelry companies actually offer digital support to walk you through the entire process of designing your custom jewelry from start to finish while keeping your budget in mind. This way, you can work one-on-one with a professional to help make your fine jewelry dreams a reality.

You Can Try Your Piece on for Size

Before purchasing the final piece, you might want to try it on to make sure it fits and looks as you imagined. The best fine jewelry companies can make high-quality replicas of your custom jewelry upon request. The best companies will even send the replicas straight to your door, so you can try them out with all your favorite outfits and styles. Trying on a high-quality replica can help you decide on any last-minute changes you might want to make to your final jewelry design.

The Possibilities Are Nearly Endless

Whether you want to customize a piece of fine jewelry for yourself or you want to engrave a classic round halo engagement ring for your future fiancée, the possibilities of what you can create with custom jewelry are endless. All of these possibilities make custom jewelry so popular. Design without limits, and get started on your custom jewelry piece today.

About Verlas

Verlas offers designer-quality fine jewelry without the designer markups. All pieces are handcrafted by a team led by female Master Artisans at the RJC-certified Verlas Studios, working in an environment that abides by international labor laws. With Verlas’s custom jewelry options that work around your budget, you can choose everything from your desired metal tone to the total carat weight of the ethically sourced diamonds and more. With Verlas’s 3D Every-Angle-View, you can easily get an up-close look at your favorite small hoop earrings, bracelets, diamond pendant necklaces, and even a halo engagement ring right from home. The Try-at-Home program allows you to choose three different designs to be sent to your home so you can test out replicas before making your purchase. Verlas is dedicated to bringing you responsibly made, perfected fine jewelry. If you are looking for fine jewelry made with ethically sourced materials, choose Verlas.

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