4 Ways to Get the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams
4 Ways to Get the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams
Your engagement should be absolutely perfect, including your engagement ring. But throwing out some subtle hints on what you want and then hoping for the best is not your only option. From trying on replicas to exploring custom jewelry options, there are so many ways you can make sure that you’re getting the engagement ring you will love for the rest of your life.

Getting engaged is a huge moment in a person’s life, and you should be able to celebrate it with the engagement ring you’ve been dreaming of. No one should have to wear an engagement ring that they don’t absolutely love. But luckily, there are some tips you can follow to ensure that that doesn’t happen. Here are four ways you can help steer your partner in the right direction so that they propose with an engagement ring you love.

Drop Hints

There’s nothing wrong with dropping hints to your partner about the ring design you want, especially if you’re expecting or have discussed an engagement. They might even be grateful for your input. After all, you don’t want your future fiancé looking at vintage-inspired rings when you really want a modern round halo engagement ring. Nudging them in the right direction can be as simple as talking about how much you love the look of someone’s ring. Don’t be afraid to drop some pretty apparent hints if it helps your partner choose the right piece for you.

Browse Styles Together

If you aren’t intimidated by being upfront and forward about what you want, you could look for engagement rings together. The nice thing about browsing rings is that you can check out many styles and fine jewelry companies right online from the comfort of your home. Shopping for an engagement ring can be a fun activity for couples to do together. This way, your partner can get a taste of what you like before making a significant purchase.

Choose a Brand That Offers Custom Jewelry Options

Another way you can ensure you’re getting exactly what you want from your engagement ring is to make personalized customizations. Choose a brand that offers custom jewelry options like selecting your metal type, metal color, the total carat weight of diamonds, and a customized engraving. This gives you some flexibility in picking out a design, and you can make sure that all of the little details on your piece look exactly the way you want. The best brands even offer these options while working with a budget.

Pick a Brand That Lets You Try on Replicas

How can you really be sure of precisely what you want without trying some rings on? The best fine jewelry brands can send high-quality replicas of your favorite rings, like a halo engagement ring, for you to try on. This can help you decide what style of ring you like the most, and it may also help you and your partner know what size of ring needs to be purchased. Once you see your perfect ring on your finger, there won’t be any doubt for you or your partner.

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