4 Fine Jewelry Tips That’ll Turn Heads at Any Summer Celebration
4 Fine Jewelry Tips That’ll Turn Heads at Any Summer Celebration
We want to look our best at every summer event this year. So how do you pick the best fine jewelry pieces that will elevate your ensemble and complete your look? Finding the perfect diamond pendant or small hoop earrings to complement your outfit is easier than you might think. Check out these four tips for completing the ideal summer soirée look.

Summer is finally here, and we are all ready to look our best at every upcoming event. When it comes to creating a show-stopping look for your summer soirée, you want to choose fine jewelry pieces that elevate your look and complement your style. Coordinating your fine jewelry for a summer event has a lot to do with the clothing you want to wear and the jewelry you want to showcase, whether it’s your halo engagement ring or a set of shimmering small hoop earrings. Check out these four tips to help you get the fabulous summer soirée look you and your fine jewelry deserve.

Pick a Statement Piece of Jewelry

Even though it might be hard to narrow down which perfected piece of fine jewelry you want to showcase, choosing every other item will be much easier once you decide on your statement piece of jewelry. A stunning diamond pendant can pull together your entire ensemble. You can match your earrings to your statement necklace to help frame your face and highlight your features.

Consider Your Neckline as You Pick Out a Necklace

Always consider what you plan to wear when you are picking out jewelry. The neckline of your outfit can help you decide which pieces of jewelry will complement your style best. For plunging necklines, a diamond pendant necklace is a gorgeous way to complement your dress. High necklines might want to skip wearing a necklace and opt for a shimmering pair of small hoop earrings instead.

Stack Your Rings for a Trendy Look

Even if you have a stunning classic round halo engagement ring on your finger, stacking rings on your other fingers always look trendy and chic. The best rings for stacking are often thinner but still have that unmistakable diamond shimmer you want from your jewelry. Consider if you want to mix or match metal tones as you stack away. This is also an excellent way to show off some custom jewelry rings waiting to be worn.

Embrace Your Yellow Gold and Rose Gold Pieces

Consider embracing your warmer-toned fine jewelry for the warmer season. Classic yellow gold jewelry is the perfect addition to any summer soirée look. Rose gold is reminiscent of those shimmering pink sunsets we all love to watch in the summer season. Showing off your yellow gold or rose gold bracelets, rings, or custom jewelry during summer events is a great way to celebrate the warmest season with jewelry that looks just as fabulous as you do.

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