3 Reasons to Choose Fine Jewelry for Everyday Wear
3 Reasons to Choose Fine Jewelry for Everyday Wear
There are so many benefits to investing in fine jewelry for everyday wear. From custom jewelry options that help you create truly unique jewelry pieces that you love to versatility and sustainability, fine jewelry is the optimal way to accessorize. Learn more about the benefits of investing in fine jewelry pieces to complement your everyday look.

Do you find yourself having to replace the pieces in your jewelry collection frequently? It might be time to consider upgrading the items in your collection with some forever-lasting jewelry that you really love. You really can’t go wrong with stunning pieces of fine jewelry. We love how jewelry makes us look and feel, and with high-quality fine jewelry, you can enjoy your collection throughout your life. Here are three reasons to ditch the jewelry that doesn’t last or turns your skin green and start investing in high-quality fine jewelry for everyday wear.

Modern Fine Jewelry Is Versatile

When most people think of fine jewelry, they think of the pieces they would wear with a formal outfit or to an event. But who made up that rule? You can wear modern fine jewelry with a fancy dress just as well as you can wear it with a comfortable and casual outfit for the farmers’ market. You pretty much cannot pick out an outfit that a set of small hoop earrings or a shimmering bracelet won’t look great with. And the best part is that top-notch fine jewelry will never wear out with the proper care.

You Can Customize It to Perfection

How often have you seen jewelry where you really only liked one aspect of the look, but you either bought it anyway because it was the best you could find or woefully left it behind? Fortunately, some of the best fine jewelry brands offer custom jewelry options to ensure that you get the exact piece you want every time. Whether it is tweaking an existing design to your preferred metal tone or choosing the total carat weight of the diamonds used in that design, it’s as easy as clicking a button with the best direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brands. You can even create entirely custom pieces while working with a budget with the finest brands.

It’s More Sustainable

Another reason to consider investing in a fine jewelry collection is that, in the long run, it is more sustainable than buying jewelry that needs to be replaced every year or two. When you constantly have to replace your accessories, it adds up over the years, and all of that old jewelry often ends up sitting in a landfill. Alternatively, when you buy stunning pieces of forever-lasting fine jewelry, they can last you a lifetime and be worn whenever you see fit. High-quality fine jewelry can also be passed down through generations as an heirloom, so it will never go to waste.

About Verlas

Are you looking for a perfected piece of forever-lasting jewelry to add to your collection or a design that you can put your personal touch on? Then you’re looking for Verlas. Verlas is a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand that offers designer-quality fine jewelry without the designer markups. Explore Verlas’s vast collection of handcrafted rings, diamond pendant necklaces, bracelets, and earrings like small hoop earrings to find the pieces that mean the most to you. The RJC-certified Verlas Studios have a team led by female Master Artisans working in an environment that adheres to strict international labor laws. With Verlas’s custom jewelry options, you can select your preferred metal tone and determine the total carat weight of Verlas’s ethically sourced diamonds. You can also get a complimentary engraving on any ring. Use Verlas’s 3D Every-Angle-View online to get an up-close look at your favorite jewelry pieces and scope out all the fine details. The convenient Try-at-Home program allows you to pick out three pieces of jewelry you love and have high-quality replicas sent straight to your door so that you can try them on from the comfort of home.

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