Role of apparel buying house in the garment industry
Role of apparel buying house in the garment industry
Ashmin tex is the apparel sourcing company in tirupur. We have more experience in garment sourcing, help our clients to find the best apparel goods. Our products are are in high quality and with best prices. We are rapidly growing garment buying house in india building brands across the world.

Buying house industry is an essential support for the garment industry. A garment buying house is a media between the buyer and the supplier. Whether it is a buying agency or buying office, foreign buyers are largely depending on them. They are capable of producing quality products with multiple variations. Exporting garment products involves multiple stages from marketing to distribution.

Here we look out the functions of buying offices

Functions of garment buying houses

Apparel buying houses can provide several functions to the buyers and sellers. They work for reputed organizations & also for small suppliers. Small suppliers struggle to find potential buyers and find it difficult to market their products. But garment buying houses can help them to find the right buyers for their products. The distance between the buyer and supplier is reduced by the garment buying houses.

  • Collecting the order from the buyer 
  • Finding the right supplier who meets the requirement of the buyer
  • Processing orders from the manufacturer
  • Making product development samples for buyers
  • Communicating with buyer for necessary approvals
  • Forwarding the reviews from the buyer & approvals to the supplier
  • Processing order according to buyer’s requirement and following up with the order
  • Quality inspection of products from sample to production to maintain the desired quality
  • Buying house team makes all the papers or necessary documents for shipping the products
  • Finally, all the goods are shipped.

Different departments in buying office

  • Design and product development
  • Technical team
  • Garment merchandisers
  • Quality control or Quality assurance
  • Sewing & tailoring
  • Delivery documentation
  • Testing laboratory
  • Fabric sourcing and trim
  • Administrative services

Closing views

Buying house takes the responsibility of searching for buyers, convincing them, and finally making the deal which helps the manufacturers in exporting the products. Ashmin Tex is the Garment buying house in India that has excelled in sourcing the garment industry.