Reasons for failure of fit samples in garment industry
Reasons for failure of fit samples in garment industry
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In the apparel industry role of garment buying house is inevitable. They must handle the buyer and supplier in all the crucial situations. Sampling procedure & approval plays a vital role in the apparel buying process.



The apparel industry mainly follows the single sampling process for the acceptance decision of samples. Some buyers opt for the double sampling procedure. Samples decide the ability of the supplier, and how they deal with different styles combined with desired quality levels. 


Here we aim to discuss the reasons for the failure of fit sample approvals.

What is a fit sample?

The fit sample is developed and sent to confirm the fit of the garment on the live models or dummies for approval of construction. For fit samples, the original fabric is used. Fit sample creation is the major part of product design & development. The success of the design depends upon the fit of the product.

Delay in fit submission or fit sample failure is one of the main reasons for the sampling delay.

Poor expertise

The craftsmanship of the tailor is not up to the industrial standards or it is not matching to the buyer’s specification of the product.

Misconception between buyer and apparel buying house

Lack of understanding in developing the fit sample by the sample development team in the garment buying house or the manufacturer’s part. Without understanding the buyer’s requirement merchandiser or sampling technician starts developing fit samples that fail to meet the needs of the customer.

Delayed reviews

Delayed responses or delayed reviews from the buyer are one of the reasons for fit sample failure. There is no delay from the apparel buying office or manufacturer. It is noticed that apparel buying houses or suppliers never receive the comments from the buyer in the scheduled time.

Materials unavailability

Another reason for sampling approval failure is the lack of fabrics & trims. Even the supplier has gone out of stock of materials and developing the sample with existing fabrics and trims which does not meet the requirements of the buyer.

No proper requirement 

For each sampling submission, get different responses or reviews from the buyer. Changes in the requirements of the customer mislead the apparel buying house and the manufacturer which affects the final product sample.

Closing views

Garment sample submissions and approval process differs from buyer to buyer. Prepare standard operating procedures for sample development. Ashmin Tex is the best buying office in India and delivers world-class products for all women and men.