How Much Money Do We Put Into Our Wardrobe Every Year?
How Much Money Do We Put Into Our Wardrobe Every Year?
Let's face it, there are few things in life that can't be improved with a little retail therapy. There's something immensely empowering about getting a brand new clothing that exactly matches your aesthetic, whether it's coping with a tough situation or celebrating an exciting, new opportunity.

While we may all agree that a brief shopping trip might be beneficial, our wallets don't always agree with our feelings. A few tiny and large splurges here and there can quickly mount up. One maxi dress can easily be transformed into five shirts, several pairs of distressed jeans, and matching shoes that you can't resist!


It costs money to stay current with ever-changing fashion trends. So, in 2021, how much do Americans spend on their wardrobes?




Fashion expenditure has obviously shifted over the last year and a half as a result of the pandemic and vaccine rollout, so the team at Bella Ella Boutique wanted to find out: how much does the average American now spend on apparel, shoes, and accessories annually? Furthermore, what percentage of a person's annual income is spent on fashion purchases?


To find out, we polled 2,180 respondents in 48 states to find out how much each state spends on apparel on a yearly basis in US dollars. Then, using data from the US Census, we calculated each state's per capita yearly income (average annual income earned per person).


From there, we were able to calculate average annual clothes spending as a % of average yearly income in each state, allowing us to determine which states had the most and least shopaholics in the United States.


So, does your state have a high rate of shopaholics? Continue reading to see how your home state ranks.


The States with the Highest Number of Shopaholics



First, we wanted to know which states in the United States spend the most money on clothing each year. Six of the top ten states crowned the biggest shopaholics are located in the Southern region of the country—and honestly, can we blame them? But just one state can claim to be the ultimate shopper's paradise.


Head to Louisiana if you're willing to spend money on clothes without fear of being judged. In the Creole state, where the average citizen spends over 8% of their annual salary on fashion goods, you'll be in good company. This amounts to about $2,276 each year set aside for the most fashionable t-shirts, pants, and trainers. Some may refer to it as a shopping addiction, but we refer to it as a commitment to personal style!


Louisianans, though, aren't the only ones who know how to take care of themselves. The average Texan spends $2,221 on clothing each year, making them the second most shopaholic state in the country. They join Louisiana as the only other state where clothing consumes more than 7% of average annual income.


However, not all nations are as eager to spend as much money. Let's take a closer look at how people spend their money around the country.


Taking everything into account, the average American spends about 4.3 percent of their annual income on clothing. Despite its proximity to one of the world's largest shopping centres, New Jersey is home to the most frugal shoppers. Locals spend only 2.19 percent of their annual income, or $934, on clothing. Only three other states, Maine, Oregon, and Vermont, can boast that they spend less than 3% of their annual revenue on clothing.


When it comes to the Big Apple, we were astonished to see that it spends 4.73 percent of its annual income on clothing, which is slightly higher than the national average. Locals' budgets appear to be compromised despite the presence of retail shops nearby.


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