Earrings and Gifts New York | Occasion Jewelry New York - ASHITA
Earrings and Gifts New York | Occasion Jewelry New York - ASHITA
ASHITA gives you the power to express yourself through jewelry. Upgrade your wardrobe with our playful but luxurious collection of bold and vibrant earrings. Dare to dangle. Gold earrings for every adventure. Preview our latest styles to match your colorful outfits. Buy Earrings and Gifts, New York


Dare to dangle. Gold earrings for every adventure.

Our jewelry is made up of the finest materials and are all ethically sourced. Being made in the USA we guarantee the best quality for our products that are crafted by our expert craftsmen. We also prioritize recycling by making use of sustainable materials, even for our packaging. Not to worry, you’re in good hands- be it water or wear, your jewelry will remain tarnish-free.


Care Kit

ASHITA offers jewelry care kits to help your jewels hold their sparkle forever. Our kit comes with everything you need to polish 14k gold, diamonds, and enamel: a cleaning solution, a polishing cloth, and a brush.

We’re raising the bar

As a company, we are committed to providing you with transparency on our pricing, manufacturing processes, and impact on the environment. We set the bar high for ourselves to provide you with the best possible product and service while keeping our ethical and social responsibilities in mind.