What Are The Advantages Of Digital Publishing?
What Are The Advantages Of Digital Publishing?
What makes e publishing companies so popular? This article discusses the benefits and trends of digital publishing and e-learning.

Various reputed schools and colleges in India are teaming up with digital publishing companies to circulate learning materials through eBooks, apps and other digital formats. This trend is gaining popularity quite quickly due to the various advantages of e-publishing. Even several of the leading book publishers have embraced digitalisation and started to publish books online. Technology is becoming increasingly involved in publishing as the demand for digital publishing continues to grow.

How exactly is digital publishing helpful?

While digital publishing was initially a trend for non-academic books, the academic sector too, is now adopting this method quickly. This has made the entire process much easier for students and teachers alike. The main benefits of digital publishing are:

  • Adaptability to the new lifestyle: The modern lifestyle is evidently a lot different from that before the era of digital publishing. Mobiles, laptops and other smart devices are easily accessible. As a result, digital publishing solutions are better suited to the modern lifestyle than traditional publishing. A learner can store a large volume of books on his/her mobile handset and read them at their own convenience.
  • Personalisation: In case of traditional hard copy publishing, there is no place for personalised learning. However, while learning through digital means, a student can personalise the study materials. A student can easily assess his/her weak areas and put more emphasis on those.
  • Affordable: Digital publication is much more affordable than traditional publication. A large portion of the costs, including the factor costs and printing costs can be avoided totally, resulting in a lower cost of production.
  • Interactivity: When it comes to digital learning, you can easily integrate multimedia files into the system. Audio, video, slides, etc. help the learners enjoy a fun learning experience. Interactive learning can also help children take in a lot of information without feeling overburdened.

Due to these benefits, many institutions are teaming up with leading e publishing companies like Macmillan. These brands integrate quality education with sophisticated technology to deliver the new-age learning infrastructure.

Is the learning process effective?

Digital learning is surely an effective process, which is evident from the fact that various leading institutes have come up with digital learning facilities. For example, personalisation of study materials allows the learners to emphasize on their weak areas and fix those. The portability of digital materials in the form of eBooks and apps allows students to read them in their leisure time.

Digital learning setups come integrated with assessment systems. These allow the students to assess their progress themselves and find out their weaknesses. The various visuals and other multimedia also make it much easier for the readers to understand the information provided in the publication better. All these features together help the students enjoy a fun, quick and effective learning process.

Trend among the publishers

While the book publishers initially saw digital publishers as rivals, many of the leading ones have started venturing into digital publishing. For example, Macmillan Publishers, which has been in this industry for more than 120 years, has started to publish academic as well as non-academic books digitally. A number of education brands and institutes have already teamed up with them for digital publishing of their learning materials. Evidently, e-publishing and digital learning are here to stay. You may consider partnering one of these establishing publishing houses.