Top 5 E-books Publishing Companies in India
Top 5 E-books Publishing Companies in India
Macmillan Education – one of the leading and growing educational publishers in India. From textbooks to curriculum resources in digital forms.

We know that Book publishing companies in India, were achieving well in the marketplace before a vivid intervention of pandemic period ha, a change has been observed, even in the realm of education. Surprisingly, the game is still stronger!

A transition has happened, where educational publishing sector has emerged even with bigger strategies, technological advancement, optimistic approach and wider distribution networks. Research says that more than 50% of population spend time to write, read and learn. There are avid readers, round-the-clock learners and strong-willed publishers. Therefore, the ever-rising bond with books and now e-books situationally, will never stop.

We will unravel through 5 greatest book publishing companies in the house who are streamlined, technological advanced and historically renowned.

Penguin Random House

Subsidiary of global publishing house, Penguin house is an eminent publisher of modern fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, auto-biographies, business related published books in India. From a well-heeled collection of e-books to some affluent published content, adapted in films and stories, is a receiver of prestigious awards & titles.

Rupa Collections

From the house of bestsellers, we have Rupa Collections Publications in the list. It is of no new news that people have started pondering over digital solutions even in education field and with that revolution, over 90% of the Rupa collections is transitioned into audiobooks & e-books and can be called as prodigious digital publishing companies in India. From a mix of authentic history to peculiar politics, rupa collections is the platform of distinguished authors.

HarperCollins Publishers

Books without poetry and publishing house without HarperCollins, both are nightmares. Right? Well, besides poetry, they have a wide array of collections in fiction and non-fiction.  HarperCollins is the only platform which is a representor of a distinguished list of writers for Harper Hindi Program also.

Macmillan India 

One of the finest global researchers, educational & business publisher and a part of the springer nature itself is an indigenous e-publishing companies in the world. Have been in the flourishing sector of publishing curriculum in schools & institutions, reading material, educational books, training sources both in the print and digital form. It is a home like platform to so many academic writers, pioneered book publishers, storywriters etc.

It is one of the leading educational institutions in India that has been offering cooperative hands to learners, educators, trainers, publishers and a promoter of the best digital solution provider during Pandemic.

APK Publishers

One of the legitimate publishing houses own the finest mission of helping start-ups and budding writers. A journey of being a dynamic and innovative at the same time is just like a pie in the sky for so many young start-ups or even for honoured publishing companies. The unique part of theirs is they establish a good relationship with all the digitally owned book stores.

End of the Line

So far, we have discussed the top 5 acclaimed book publishers, with some of their strongest accomplishments. They are diverse in nature. They are specialised in their own genres, each rules a different type of publishing company. Its your choice whether to go either for self-publishing companies, traditional publishing companies or for e-publishing companies in India.

Do let us know and share your experience, if you go through any publishing companies mentioned above.