The Top International School in Gurgaon-Alpine Convent
The Top International School in Gurgaon-Alpine Convent
Alpine Convent School is regarded as the top international school in Gurugram for providing amenities like no other school. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and imparts knowledge in an innovative manner.

Gurgaon is a hub of affluent people and the highest standards of living. From multinational companies to the best entertaining facilities, there are numerous factors attracting people to settle in Gurgaon and build a successful life here. People from different parts of the country find a job here and shift with their families as the opportunities the city offers is worth it. 


Now when we talk about families settling down, the one most important factor that zeroes down their decision is school. Families prefer to choose the city that offers peculiar options for their kids. If the standards are not up-to-the-mark, they cross it down but the same is not in the case of Gurgaon.

If you are also a parent and looking for schools to enroll your child at, then your search ends here. Even though there are various international schools in Gurgaon, Alpine Convent School in Gurgaon is the top international school and the best fit for your child. If you still need reasons to convince yourself with what we have just mentioned, then let us tell you why it is the best! 


CBSE affiliation


In India, there are more than thirty different boards and sometimes it might get overwhelming when deciding which one is best for your child. The Central Board of Senior Education is one of the most preferred choices that parents go ahead with. The Alpine Convent School follows the CBSE curriculum which helps learners receive exposure in all branches of academics. The school follows an intra-disciplinary approach and teaches students in a manner that they can connect with even in real life.


Diverse curriculum 


The syllabus at Alpine Convent School retains international exposure but also holds relevance with learners' surroundings. The course structure is created to suit international standards but it does avoid cultural bias and refrains from deviating students from their roots. The curriculum is drafted in such a way to enhance students’ interest in the subjects. Every topic is prepared with a mix of practical work for hands-on learning. Various pop-quizzes, seminars, assessment material are given to students to increase their productivity and engagement in class.


Modern pedagogy


We understand that times are changing and schools should adopt the modern methods of teaching which is why Alpine Convent School is actually the perfect fit for all your solutions. The schools offer innovative teaching pedagogy that interlaces classroom learning and practical learning. The teaching staff here believes in a child-centric approach and believes that every child is passionate and has the potential to achieve excellence in his/her life. There are various hands-on activities, collaborative learning, inquiry-based learning, concept connection, multi-sensory approach, and much more to help develop skills in children.


The teaching staff at Alpine Convent School have taken the educational training. Even the staff here believes that learning never stops and so they keep educating themselves to be at par with the best standards in the academic world. 


World-class facilities


Apart from course structure, curriculum and whatnot, the facilities offered at the schools are also important. Compare with any other international school in Gurgaon, you will not find such amenities anywhere. The world-class infrastructure includes spacious classrooms, well-lit buildings, centralized heating and cooling system, green and luscious campus with ample space to play and develop athletic skills. The infrastructure at the top international school in Gurgaon is entirely focused on promoting children’s growth by every means. There is a lawn tennis court, badminton court, temperature-controlled swimming pool, basketball court, and badminton court to help students indulge in athletic activities.


All these features make Alpine Convent School the top international school in Gurgaon and the perfect fit for your children. Enrolling your child in this school will be one of the best decisions of your life because, unlike other schools, Alpine also asks parents to be involved and takes the input to make improvements.