Start Your Career with Microsoft Azure Cloud Certifications
Start Your Career with Microsoft Azure Cloud Certifications
This post is all about Microsoft Azure Cloud Certifications. In this article you will read how many Azure certifications are available for candidates and how fundamental certification can help to start a successful career.

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing technology in the world for modern era. As more and more businesses are adopting cloud services, the market for cloud computing experts is on the rise. Microsoft is a leading global supplier to companies of all sizes with cloud computing services.

For various business solutions, there are several Azure services available. As for the current job market, Microsoft Azure is in demand for various positions.

According to a survey conducted by IDC, almost 40% of all IT jobs will be cloud based by 2021 in all over the world. Nobody can deny the fastest growth of cloud computing in past years.

Microsoft Azure is an emerging industry leader with 29percent of the general cloud market's application workload.

Microsoft Azure certifications are one of the most demanding certification in the cloud industry.

Role based certifications of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft offers total 12 Azure certifications with 14 exams that are available in three levels such as Fundamental, Associate and Expert. These certifications help you to build knowledge and skills according to industry job roles.

1.      Certified: Azure – Fundamentals Exam AZ-900

2.      Microsoft Certified: Azure AI – Fundamentals Exam AI-900 (beta)

3.      Microsoft Certified: Azure Data – Fundamentals Exam DP-900 (beta)

4.      Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator –Associate Exam AZ-103

5.      Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer – Associate Exam AZ-203

6.      Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer –Associate Exam AZ-500

7.      Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer –Associate Exam AI-100

8.      Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist –Associate Exam DP-100

9.      Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer –Associate Exams DP-200 and DP-201

10.  Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator – Associate Exam DP-300 (beta)

11.  Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect – Expert Exams AZ-300 and AZ-301

12.  Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer –Expert Exam AZ-400

Start your Cloud Career with MS Azure Fundamental level Certification

Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

This fundamental certification prepares you for basics of cloud services and how those cloud services are provided with Microsoft Azure. This certification is best for candidates who are new to Azure cloud and want to work with cloud based solutions.

This certification also helps non-technical professionals to understand cloud services such as sales, purchasing, and marketing Azure cloud services.

Certification for Azure Fundamentals is an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of cloud concepts, Azure services, Azure workloads, Azure security and privacy, as well as pricing and support for Azure.

Candidates should know the general concepts of technology, including networking, storage, computation, application support, and application creation concepts.

Areas covered

·        Core Azure concepts

·        Core Azure services

·        Azure core solutions

·        Azure management tools

·        General security and network security features

·        Describe identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features

·        Azure cost management

·        Azure service level agreements


Microsoft Azure certifications can increase your salary that is common benefit of achieving this certification. Usually, completing the MS Azure Certification Journey successfully will raise your salary by up to 20percent.

Your real salary depends on the level of qualification you earn and the size of the company you work for.

How to achieve Microsoft Azure certification?

To those looking to pursue a career in cloud computing, gaining MS Azure Certification is a major advantage. Microsoft Azure certification training can help you to earn this certification. Achieving your Azure Certification shows prospective employers that you have the new expertise and skills necessary to competently use Microsoft Azure.

It can be difficult to know which Microsoft Azure Certification is the best choice for you, with so many different certification options available. It is critical that you select a qualification level that corresponds to your level of current experience and skills.

Wrap up

The Fundamentals Certification is not compulsory for higher level Microsoft Azure certifications. Nevertheless, it is also beneficial to obtain the Fundamentals Certification so that you have a solid base of understanding of Microsoft Azure to advance to the more complicated levels of the Certification.