Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect exam dumps
Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect exam dumps
Try Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect exam dumps for your success.

B2B Solution Architect Dumps

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Certqueen Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect exam dumps

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Universal Containers (UC) currently utilizes Sales Cloud and Experience Cloud for its customers. For the next phase in its digital transformation, UC would like to enable its vast dealer network with the kinds of tools its direct Sales teams are currently using. UC is considering Partner Communities (PRM) on Experience Cloud. UC's concern at the moment is making sure that its dealer network only gets access to the opportunities they themselves bring to UC or that UC submits to the dealer to close. This is a concern for the VP of direct sales who has issues with bringing PRM in at all.
What is the initial suggestion a Solution Architect should provide to make Partner Communities work for UC?
A.Create two account lookups on the opportunity, one for dealer and one for partner company, and create sharing rules to share the records.
B.Create public groups of partner companies and users at dealers, and share the opportunities using sharing rules.
C.Utilize the external sharing model to differentiate the sharing models between Internal Sales users and External Communities users.
D.Utilize the same sharing model within the Partner Community that customers are currently using within the Customer Community.
Answer: A

Universal Containers (UC) has implemented a new ecommerce site for its resellers. UC is leveraging a multi-cloud architecture, B2B Commerce, for building the storefront and Service Cloud Web2Case for offering case management functionality to its resellers. UC notices that the case volume is extremely high and a number of resellers are raising cases for trivial issues on the B2B Commerce site.
Which two recommendations should a Solution Architect make to help resellers use the site more efficiently and lower the case volume? Choose 2 answers
A.Offload the number of cases received via Web2Case by using Email2Case.
B.Implement Case Deflection.
C.Disable anonymous users on the site.
D.Plan and conduct User Adoption Trainings for resellers on how to use the site.
Answer: A, C

Universal Containers serves customers globally across two businesses. Each business has its own org for managing its sales and support operations. Each line of business also maintains its own reporting systems using both CRM Analytics and Salesforce reports, but the CEO is asking for a unique dashboard that includes the global opportunity pipeline with data from both orgs.
What should a Solution Architect propose?
A.Use CRM Analytics in the primary org and create a Salesforce External Connection. Then, create a dataflow to combine data from both orgs.
B.Use one org as primary and create external objects for the accounts and opportunities of the other one. Then, use standard reports.
C.Use one org as primary and an ETL tool to synchronize the accounts and opportunities of the other org. Then, use standard reports.
D.Use CRM Analytics in the primary org and then, in the dashboards, use Salesforce Connect to query the data from the other org.
Answer: A

Universal Containers (UC) is currently utilizing Sales Cloud and Revenue Cloud for its direct Sales team. UC would like to create an indirect Sales team with its vendors using Experience Cloud as the front end with the same kind of quoting functionality the direct Sales team uses within Revenue Cloud. However, UC wants to ensure that data from the internal direct Sales team is not visible to the external indirect Sales team in Experience Cloud.
What is the first configuration a Solution Architect should consider when implementing Experience Cloud in this scenario?
A.Make internal organization-wide defaults Public Read Only to create external visibility.
B.Enable External Sharing Model to create external organization-wide defaults.
C.Start creating Sharing Sets for Experience Cloud users to access Sales Cloud.
D.Add Indirect Sales Team to existing Direct Sales Team Role Hierarchy.
Answer: B

Universal Containers (UC) uses Marketing Cloud and recently added Sales Cloud to manage its business activities, as well as B2B Commerce to redesign its website. Today, a lead is created each time a customer leaves the site without finalizing their purchase. The number of leads created is increasing and representatives can no longer meet their callback deadlines.
With the new website, UC wants to increase the number of finalized sales and offer similar products to customers while reducing the Sales team's workload. Sales representatives should only call back customers if there is an upsell or cross-sell opportunity.
Which three recommendations should a Solution Architect make to meet these needs? Choose 3 answers
A.Create an opportunity when a customer clicks a cross-sell or upsell email link.
B.Send automated emails in Sales Cloud with discounted offers to customers who abandoned their cart.
C.Set up lead nurturing with Marketing Cloud and automate emails through journeys.
D.Stop creating leads in Sales Cloud for abandoned carts.
E.Put all leads from the abandoned carts in a queue.
Answer: A, B, C

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