Powerapps Training | Certification Course Online
Powerapps Training | Certification Course Online
HKR Trainings offers the best PowerApps Training, which is crafted by industry professionals with extensive expertise in managing industrial projects. This PowerApps training course is tailored to match the needs of today's IT market.

HKR trainings deliver the best industry-oriented PowerApps training course that aids the aspirants to learn and implement PowerApps concepts and assists in clearing the certification exam. This PowerApps certification training course provides you with in-depth knowledge of the content required for learning PowerApps which incorporates the concepts such as overview of powerapps, canvas app options, canvas controls control properties and components in powerapps, variables, delegation controls, etc. Enroll today at HKR for accepting the new challenges to make the best outcome out of our PowerApps online training course.

What is Power Apps?

Power Apps is an initiative by Microsoft that lets you quickly build and share powerful low code applications. It’s a suite of apps, services, and data platforms that enables rapid application development to build custom apps based on business requirements.

You can quickly create custom business apps that connect to your business data either on-premises (Excel, Office 365, SharePoint, and more) or data platform (common data source for apps) or 

Power Apps at its core is a platform as a service that enables you to create applications that run on any mobile device or browser. The purpose behind developing Power Apps is to make users build applications with new capabilities without having coding expertise. Microsoft touts an initial visual design for PowerApps, with drag-and-drop functionality.

Power Apps has connections with various Microsoft-based and third-party applications, including SharePoint, SQL server, and OneDrive in the Office 365 productivity suite and Google Docs, Dropbox, Dynamics CRM, and Oracle.


Powerapps Training Online


Microsoft Power Apps Features

Power Apps comes with features that allow you to build apps without coding. Below listed are the powerful features of Power Apps:

  1. Easy integration with other Microsoft services: One of the primary reasons for using Power Apps is that it’s easily connectable with other Microsoft services like Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.
  2. User-friendly Interface: Power Apps supports a user-friendly interface. With this, you can build an app easily, even if you don’t have any development experience. Create interfaces that can perform CRUD operations
  3. Canvas Apps and Model-driven Apps: There are two ways by which you can develop apps in Power Apps - Canvas and Model-driven Approach. You can design an app just by dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas. With model-driven apps, much of the layout is determined and designated by the components you add.
  4. Cloud Connectivity: It’s extremely easy to connect to cloud services like SQL, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., with Power Apps.
  5. App creation and sharing: Supports an easy drag and drop interface for the creation of apps.  You can easily share with anyone you want with Power Apps.
  6. Cost-effective: If you want to develop rich business applications but can’t afford developers, start using this fantastic tool. Power Apps is cost-effective.
  7. Common Data Service (CDS): CDS allows you to store and manage data securely used by business apps. Data within CDS stored in the form of entities. An entity is a set of records that stores data similar to a table in a database. CDS for Apps contains a set of legal entities that cover typical scenarios. You can still create custom entities particular to your company and populate them with data using Power Query. Developers use Power Apps to build rich apps using this data.