Launching Tutor App Will Boost E-Learning Industry 10X
Launching Tutor App Will Boost E-Learning Industry 10X
In this article, you will see the whole development process step by step. Start reading now and get useful insights into the tutor app.

The Covid-19 epidemic boosted online education. Apps for tutoring students and instructors have become popular. The worldwide market for on-demand tutoring will reach $15.99 billion by 2027, rising at a 16.1% annual pace.


An innovative Uber-like tutor app can provide tailored learning experiences for all students with the help of experienced and skilled tutors. Create well-functioning Android and iOS applications for kids and instructors with an admin dashboard and web panel with a reputable app development business.



The On-Demand Tutor App Development Process


Examine the market:

The techniques used by online education applications and the newest developments.


Finalize the Tutor app's business model

It involves determining income streams and expense structures.


Hire a team to create an Uber-like tutoring app

Mobile app developers, project managers, QA testers, and technical support personnel are among its members.


Assemble the tech stack

AWS, Google Cloud, Firebase, Kotlin, Mailchimp, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Swift, and Twilio.


Include essential features

like social network login, student and instructor dashboards, progress tracking, a live chat option, an integrated payment channel, a rating and review system, and 24/7 technical support.


Test the final solution: The on-demand tutor app must be thoroughly tested for performance, security, and speed. This helps QA testers find and fix issues.


Officially advertise it

When the Uber-like Tutor app is introduced in the target market.


Extra services like software updates
maintenance and round-the-clock technical support are required.


How Does an Uber-like Tutor App Work?


Students fill up the On demand tutor app with their email, phone number, and academic credentials.


Expertise, fees charged, and job experience are highlighted in the instructors' profiles on the Uber-like tutor app.


Students may utilize the search tool to filter professors based on availability and rate.


The students schedule an online consultation by specifying a day and time.


The concerned instructors confirm.


The online session begins, and the teachers educate the pupils through voice and video.


The real-time chat function helps pupils clear up any worries.


The e-learning lessons conclude when both students and professors are pleased.


Students may pay professors via debit cards, credit cards, digital wallets, or net banking.


In the integrated feedback system, students score the teaching quality and professionalism on a scale of 1-5.




Online education is a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs in today's digital age. They may make a fortune via instructor commissions, targeted advertising, transaction fees, and subscription plans. Start developing profitable On demand tutor apps to dominate e-learning shortly.