Implementing Big Data to Understand Consumer Behaviour- Skillslash academy
Implementing Big Data to Understand Consumer Behaviour- Skillslash academy
Big data is used in consumer behavior marketing to examine data points of a customer's journey from exploration to sale. This provides marketers with the tools and knowledge they need to make better-informed decisions about consumer behavior.

Implementing Big Data to Understand Consumer Behaviour


To forecast trends in consumer behavior and to more effectively engage both existing and potential customers, marketers today rely more heavily on the use of big data. In a Forbes survey, it was found that 86% of the surveyed executives saw a rise in ROI, who were overseeing predictive analytics campaigns.


Customers have millions of options to choose from while shopping online. This has become very competitive for the retail sector.Today's world, where customers may purchase online from millions of comparable possibilities, is incredibly competitive for the retail sector. For your online retail business to prosper, you must stand out from the crowd. Retailers can anticipate higher sales figures and improve customer satisfaction levels by accurately predicting customer behavior based on data.

Big Data: An Introduction

The concept of "big data" is frequently misunderstood and too convoluted. When stripped down to its most elemental meaning, the word "big data" simply refers to massive data sets that are processed to identify patterns and trends.


Big data is used in consumer behavior marketing to examine data points of a customer's journey from exploration to sale. This provides marketers with the tools and knowledge they need to make better-informed decisions about consumer behavior.


There are normally three primary tiers of data that marketers engage with, and these are as follows:

Data that can help people make better choices in the future by predicting what might occur is referred to as predictive data.

Data that paints a more accurate picture of what took place in a particular circumstance is referred to as descriptive data.

Data that provides several decision-making possibilities based on the findings provided by descriptive and predictive analysis is referred to as prescriptive data.


Predictive analytics is the data set that is utilized the most extensively in the study of consumer behavior, and it is also the one that we will be referring to most of the time throughout this article.

How Can Big Data Help Understand Consumer Behavior?

The following points discuss how big data can help understand consumer behavior and increase ROI.


Customized Marketing

Any marketing strategy must include the timely delivery of a message to your target audience. Reaching your clients before your rivals is more important than ever because of the boom in e-commerce sales over the past ten years.


Marketers can more effectively target groups with tailored marketing techniques by breaking the market down into distinct subgroups based on shared behaviors, geographic locations, or other attributes. Focusing clients on the appropriate product and positioning is much simpler with this knowledge at hand. According to prior purchasing patterns, segmentation can also identify the most lucrative groupings.


Customized product recommendations based on a user's viewing history, highlighting goods a customer might be interested in banner adverts, and suggestions of items "you may also like" when shopping on a business's product page are a few instances of personalized marketing are frequently used.


Demand Pricing

Even better demand pricing can be achieved with the use of predictive analytics. Marketers may better understand how pricing changes affect demand by analyzing the customer purchasing patterns in each data set. If demand is high enough, more competitive pricing may still aid in achieving ROI goals.


The Disney Theme Parks are one example of this, which changed their pricing strategy to surge pricing as a result of notable shifts in demand at various times throughout the year. For instance, visiting "the happiest place on earth" could be far less expensive on a Monday or in September than it would be on a day when it is busiest.


Many consumers will still be satisfied by this, though, since the surge in visitors helps reduce wait times and attendance at popular sites at the busiest times of the year.


Resource Distribution

The success of your organization's goals depends on having appropriately allocated resources in place. A business can more accurately predict and categorize where resources will have to be spent most by implementing predictive analytics.


Managing huge data sets that are being tracked against objectives in this process might be difficult for a person. These data sets can be organized for easier examination by integrating an ERP system into current planning processes. Additionally, ERP systems make it simpler to track how one is progressing over time toward accomplishing specific goals and objectives.



Possibly one of the biggest advantages of collecting data in consumer behavior analytics is predicting sales and ROI. For constructing budgets and establishing plans, these forecasts are crucial. Based on recent and historical sales performance statistics, predictive forecasting generates knowledgeable and fact-based projections of sales goals.


The aspect of human error that is frequently connected to errors in manual sales forecasting can be reduced or even eliminated as a result.

Final Words

With this, we come to the concluding parts of the article. To summarize our discussion, we first learned about big data, in brief, understanding its essence. Then, we understood how businesses can leverage big data to understand consumer behavior and increase ROI. The scope is massive in this domain.


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