Flip Through The Learning & Teaching Strategies Over Digital Platforms
Flip Through The Learning & Teaching Strategies Over Digital Platforms
Macmillan’s guide on learning methodologies, experimental lessons, tips and tools for online classroom experience. Check out Macmillan interactive learning application Altura on Alexa.

Learning is not an overnight process; it happens when your own journey of discovering new things begins. It is creative, mind-mapping and problem-solving phenomenon. Times have changed, so do the method of teaching has. Once upon a time, traditional or classroom teaching and learning were one of the most effective part of education system. But a change from traditional to dynamic and classrooms to work-from-homes, became centric.

And with tremendous upsurge in technology, learning and teaching culture is affected and accepted mutually.

Earlier, the learner’s base of the knowledge was supplemented through paper books, instructors & parents’ thorough guidance but now it is reinforced by educational books, online teaching & learning platforms, and rightly internet of things. A platform where focus remains on the content and curriculum is tailor-made as per the student’s requirement. Therefore, digital learning surpassed with better ranking, advanced technologies, bona-fide coordination between teachers and students, novel interactive modules, e-assessments and lot more.

English Learning and Teaching methods largely encompasses different methods. These methods are rationally designed on the basis of students’ linguistic priorities, learning approaches, skills and competency and behavioural policies.

In this article, we will try to specify plenty of popular and efficient ways of teaching the English language that high lightens the expectations of modern learners…….

Experiment Based Language Teaching

The prime motive of such teaching method is focused on assigning task-based language experiments to students and are asked to imply knowledge into the same subject matter.

Communicative Language Teaching

The ideology of teaching begins through advancing effective communication for beginners, intermediates and advanced. This type of teaching involves vocal training exercises, soft skills, public speaking approach.

Preliminary Language Teaching

The first stage, where organic way of teaching begins is Direct Method. It targets directly the language that focuses to build the right structure. In order to build the structure, teachers through oral skills teach grammar, vocabulary via repetitive drilling. This method is ideal for beginners.

Besides, comprehending on these methods, there is a brief overview on other language teaching tips that you should not miss out.

  • Keep your teaching instructions clear and simple.
  • Always be courteous in case teaching multiple times.
  • Be formal when is needed.
  • Try to cut down the complex topics into simpler ones.
  • Plan out clearly how you will introduce the topic, break the ice, and make your students express.
  • Never discourage language learners through your actions.
  • Explain the importance of language when introducing grammar rules, vocabulary, comprehensions.
  • In order to become innovative, do not miss out the essence or foundation of language.
  • Be as interactive as you can.
  • Try to find out how much they have understood by asking relevant questions.
  • Timely organise classroom debate, extempore, mind-training activities.
  • Must stick to the idea of promoting quality content.
  • Be patient when they are in their learning process.
  • Deliver productive feedbacks for their effective growth.
  • Conduct language tests and assessments to track their progress report.
  • Do not forget to share the reports with their guardians.

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