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TORM Analysis Question need  research done on this topic “Welfare Policy Design in the USA” in this format: leave the headings in place, just fill it

Acemyhomework Writers | STORM Analysis | Acemyhomework Writers

TORM Analysis


need  research done on this topic

“Welfare Policy Design in theUSA” in this format: leave the headings in place, just fill it in underit. i need it by sunday the 13th at 2pm. it has to be 500 words

STORM Analysis:

What arethe Societal, Technical, Organizational, Regulatory,and Market contexts of your research?

ResearchQuestions/Hypotheses/Null Hypothesis:

Research Design:

What is your chosen research designfor this research proposal?

Why have you chosen this design overanother design?

Significance ofthe Study:

Why is this study important?

46. Financial Analysis


1. Choose a bank that struggled duringthe financial crisis of 2008. Suggestions include Bank of America, Citicorp,and Wells Fargo. 2. Click here to go to the Federal Reserve website, which is anexcellent source for information on the monetary policy. 3. Obtain and submit(as a part of your assignment) their financial statements from 2006, 2007,2008, and 2016. 4. Evaluate the liquidity (risk) over these 4 years. Whathappened to the bank’s liquidity before and after the financial crisis? Explainthe causes of liquidity risk. 5. Review the monetary policy, as we havediscussed in this unit. How did the monetary policy affect the bank’s liquidityafter the financial crisis? 6. Create a visual representation (e.g., graphic,table, chart) of the liquidity risk of the bank you selected.

Your assignment should be a minimum ofthree pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. You must usea minimum of three sources. All references should be cited and formatted in APAstyle.

47. Business and Management


Week8 Final Project – Strategic Assessment Project (PowerPoint presentation plusReferences page)

Goal:Develop and present via PowerPoint a strategic plan for your organization, integratingvarious concepts, components and processes presented throughout this course. Submit the presentation (ppt or pptx) along with a References page (.doc)that verifies sources used.

Introduction: Managers who want to improve theeffectiveness of the future outcomes of their organization employ strategicplanning. In a 20-25-slide PowerPoint presentation, present a strategic planfor your organization, accompanied by a References-only page as a Word.doc thatcontains the minimum 10 sources used in the development of the presentation.Your presentation may be a re-developed plan based on the plan yourorganization already uses. If you are in the military, you may elect to choosea company where you previously worked, or select a company that is not detailedin the text in this course, or in any of the materials used thus far in thecourse. In any case, you will need to begin by providing a brief history of thecompany, and then delve into the process detailed more fully below, and whichdraw from various elements contained in our textbook. Accompany your writingwith a minimum five scholarly journal articles that supportthe assertions made in your strategic plan. You will also need to use at leastfive other sources—books, magazines, websites, and eveninterviews—to augment your data support for the presentation.

Your strategicplan should address [Suggested number of PPT slides in brackets]:

TheName of the Company/Firm  [1 PPT slide]

BriefHistory of the Company (or Organization), its Mission and Vision [2-3 PPTslides]

OrganizationalAnalysis [5-6 PPT slides] : Thissection will present your identification of the firm’s strengths andweaknesses, which emanate from your value chain and functional analyses. Thereis a maximum of five strengths and five weaknesses and your presentation ofthem should be prioritized. Exhibits are effective tools to provide strongsupport for each strength and weakness. Please be as specific as possible andquantify your analysis where appropriate. This section will provide the firstpart of the foundation for your identification of strategic issues and relatedrecommendations through your analysis of the organization’s core competencies,competitive advantages and organizational weaknesses.

EnvironmentalAnalysis [5-6 PPT slides]: Thissection will present your identification of the major external threats andopportunities currently facing the organization. These will be generated fromyour analysis of the industry and general environmental factors in light of theorganization’s strengths and weaknesses. A maximum of five threats and fiveopportunities should be identified and should be presented in a prioritizedorder. Use power point exhibits to support your analysis, be specific andquantify your analysis where possible. This section will provide the secondpart of the foundation for your identification of a strategic issue and theformulation of related recommendations through your analysis of driving forces,key success factors and industry attractiveness.

StrategicIssues And Recommendations [6-7 PPT slides]: Identify (with support) the mostimportant strategic issue facing your organization. It is extremely importantthat you clearly integrate the strategic issue with your analysis to theorganization’s SWOT. There may be interrelationships between particularweaknesses and threats or missed opportunities, which should be recognized. Itmay be possible that 2 different weaknesses, 1 threat and 1 opportunity couldbe combined, due to their relatedness, to form one strategic issue. Similarly,your recommendations should attempt to capitalize and build upon strengths,competitive advantages and opportunities that you identified. The point is toclearly ground your issue and recommendations with the internal and external analysesso that the presentation is clear.

Conclusion/Summary[1-2 PPT slides]


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