5 Reasons Why Blogs Are Still a Great Content Source
5 Reasons Why Blogs Are Still a Great Content Source
Marketing is frequently changing, and using blogs as a part of a market plan is one of the ways for companies and organizations to get in touch with present and potential customers.

Marketing is frequently changing, and using blogs as a part of a market plan is one of the ways for companies and organizations to get in touch with present and potential customers. Blogs make it easier for clients to find a business through Google. Many companies, whether it is small or big, like digital marketing company Staines, use blogs for customer attention.

Blogs help the customer better understand the industry and its services. Using the multichannel marketing strategy, blogs help companies to connect with their customers. According to reports, once a week, around 60% of people read blogs. 

To prove our points, we have mentioned 5 reasons why blogs are still a great content source.

Drive Traffic to the Website

Blogs help companies to drive traffic to their website. It is a great way to keep a website reorganized with new content. Content marketing services help the readers in getting knowledge of specified things, provide them advice for something and solve their problems regarding any query. 

Besides this, blogs also help the companies in the establishment of their business on different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, providing them with a reason to visit the company website.

Increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The blogs help in increasing the SEO. As Search engine optimization is calculated based on keywords, new content and the number of indexed pages. Companies can improve all these areas and perform higher in SEO just by a blog. 

There are many companies like SEO company Birmingham who believe that by creating blog posts, industries can broaden their use of keywords and make it on number position on Google. One thing should also remain in mind while writing the SEO content there should be no keyword stuffing in the blog. As it may result in Google restraints content for keyword stuffing.

Speak to a Target Audience

For the success of any business, the key of it is building the community and knowing the customers. In this, blogs play a very vital role. If customers like your content, they will probably want more. This will help in creating a healthy relationship between the two of you. 

Not only for the business firm, but the blog post also helps in web designing businesses. Web designing company Staines believes that blogs allow the company to tackle the marketing efforts and industries as a full to services and products that help in knowing the needs of the audience.

Attract New Customers

Blog posts help companies to discover themselves on Google. When a person searches for any specific topic related to your business, and you have written a blog on it, then there are high chances of coming up on search results. It will help in creating new customers for your business.

Desktop Application Development Services, help business firm in this. They provide genuine and attractive content to them and bring more and more customers to their website. This is perhaps the biggest perk that a blog post can provide you with.

Expand the Company’s Brand

Business can be sometimes at the hike and sometimes at the low. Having a blog with their side enables them to help customers to understand the day-to-day business and present their human side.

According to the reports, 60% of customers enjoy reading the blogs of brands. Blogging creates a brand voice as few other content forms can. It provides an opportunity for business firms to directly interact with the customers, which helps them in creating their company’s brand.

How does blogging play an important role in online marketing?

As per the reports, every month, 70 million new posts are made, and around 42% of the content is created in WordPress alone. As per the result, blogs play an important role in online marketing.

Indeed, a recent study found that 90% of the industries used blogs to establish their brand name in the market in the last 12 months. It brings more traffic to the company website and creates new customers for the company. So it is clear how blogging help in the online marketing of the company.

Conclusive Statement

Now that you have read about the benefits of blogging in online marketing, you should be convinced why it is important. For more help, contact SEO Services Company Manchester. and get the quality services of content in SEO Company London.


  1. How do content marketing services help in online marketing?

The Importance Of Originality When It Comes To Content Marketing help companies to attract, involve and retain a reader by providing related articles and posts. This helps the companies in brand promoting and telling about the company’s services which creates an impact on online marketing.

  1. Is blog posting useful for SEO?

Yes, the blog helps Google to trust your website. Just like SEO, blogs also help the company in increasing the rank of the website.

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