Which is the Best Inverter Battery – For Work from Home?
Which is the Best Inverter Battery – For Work from Home?
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Which is the Best Inverter Battery – For Work from Home?

The need to make the ends meet has always been the top priority of everyone, especially of those who belong to middle-class. This survival need increased even more during the pandemic of COVID-19. Therefore, people also started searching best inverter for home in India while doing work from home. But this also meant more power backup need for the desktop or laptop. Thus, to solve this need, you may choose an inverter battery that comes with a much longer power backup to run your system.

The best inverter battery for running desktop/laptop definitely has to be a lithium battery for suits almost types of need which requires a battery. There are several reasons that make it the best, like being of the latest technology, providing 100% efficiency, maintenance free, IOT-based, expandable by being connected with the other one of the same kinds, etc.



How much capacity of inverter battery should I choose?

The general power consumption of i7, 11th Gen Desktop including Display is 200 - 250 Watt, excluding other gadgets, such as speaker, printer. On the other hand, a 1kW Inverter Battery (single inverter battery) runs for 5 hrs. and 1kW Inverter battery (double battery) for 10 hrs. Therefore, you can choose one according to your requirement that would prove to be the best inverter battery for home in India.

How many solar panels are required to charge the battery during the power cut?

A single1kW inverter battery for home usually requires one 440W Shark solar panel, while a double inverter battery requires two 440W solar panel to charge itself during the power cut. For long time power cuts, you can upgrade the system with a solar charge controller with the existing inverter battery to solar system.


What is the cost of this system?


The price of an inverter battery actually varies on the one that you’re planning to get. Inverter battery price depends on its capacity. Although, the average cost of a 1kW Inverter battery for running 10 hrs. The desktop only is Rs. 50,000 to 60,000 and if you choose an inverter battery with solar panel, then average cost of this solution is Rs. 96,000 to 1,15,000 including product, transportation and installation. Here, you can also buy this power backup solution on Easy EMI @ Rs. 7,000 per month for 12 to 15 months.

How It Works?

The working of inverter battery is simple. During the day, solar panels generate electricity and charge the battery, while during the night, the home appliances such as laptop, desktop, fans, cooler, lights, and internet run on off grid power. On the other hand, during power outage, all appliances run on battery banks. This inverter battery gets recharged during the day and runs the home appliances as well.

How to get benefits?

The best benefit about it is that it can help you execute office works anytime as well as makes electricity available to you 24*7. Watch the given video to know more:


In this article, we have explained inverter battery brands and their latest inverter products for you. Inverter battery is now also being used in solar panel, inverters and aerospace applications. You can also use inverter batteries in electric vehicles, solar panels, inverters, chargers, electric tools, medical equipment, etc.


Where to Buy Inverter Battery Online?


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