Is freelancing possible after doing a digital marketing course?
Is freelancing possible after doing a digital marketing course?
Freelancing after digital marekting course

Is freelancing possible after doing a digital marketing course?

After getting digital marketing training from a well designed course, you can join a job or pursue freelancing. At the same time, you can also build your startup or build your company and gather clients. Hence, you can sustain the client-gathering process only if your skills are excellent. While starting freelancing, keep your prices negotiable to gather more clients. But you can also charge a good amount of money once you reach an intermediate level in the digital marketing field.

You can target the domestic and international markets to pitch clients for digital marketing projects. Once you start impressing clients, you can get multiple numbers of projects. Remember getting foreign clients are easy than getting local clients. Thus, to get freelance clients in the field of digital marketing, follow the given steps:


1.     Power of Free

Whenever you approach clients by saying that you will do digital marketing, create a website, or any other marketing task, the client will ask for your portfolio. But the problem is that you don't have a portfolio, so how will you get projects? The client's logic is valid, as without a resume or a portfolio, how come they believe in you? No one will give you money unless people know your level of skills. As a result, the person will try to give you less money as you are not that established. Hence, you can provide complimentary work to your initial clients.

Giving free work at the initial level is a good strategy as it attracts more customers. It would be best to ask the client to buy a domain and hosting from your affiliate link. Thus, on the one hand, you are giving free work. On the other hand, you are earning 3 thousand to 4 thousand from affiliate marketing per client. So if the person likes your work, he will also buy other services from you. You can also pitch your client regarding SEO or local SEO. Hence, the client unconsciously thinks he is getting free work, so that he will pay you for the local SEO in return. At the same time, he will also refer you to other clients due to your free work.


2.     Find Potential Clients

Whenever you find any mistake in any SEO or advertisement campaign, pitch the brand by telling them that you can update and improve their digital marketing. Give free suggestions on places they can improve their online marketing. Thus, if the person doesn't know digital marketing properly, he will hire you. If he is already working with some company or in person, he will replace other employees with you because they are doing incorrect work. The strategy works better for international clients because their budget size is large. Maybe in India, people will only use free advice without thinking about the future. You can also market that you will do free SEO audit services. As a result, you will get some clients, among whom 2%-3% will become your permanent clients.


3.     Call Clients

Approaching clients is essential. You will not be able to get clients until you approach them. Sales are a significant factor in getting the client. It doesn't matter how good you are at something, but you cannot get results if you don't know about sales pitch. Remember, until your skill will help someone to get their work done, there is no use for your skill set. In starting, you have to do 100 calls, and that's it. You can gather numbers from platforms like just dial or Indimart. Get a database from just dial and Indimart, make a list, and start calling every number. For example, if you call 100 people, 50% will hear your sales pitch, and among them, 5 will be ready to give you work. Hence getting 5 new clients every day is a big deal.


4.     Target foreign Clients

You should always target international clients because their budget is high. Indian people don't have enough money to spend on marketing. Indian clients consider marketing expensive, while foreign clients consider marketing as an investment. For example, target USA clients and email them. Check their businesses and research what they are doing in their businesses, and make an excellent strategic plan. Now send the strategy through emails.

After going through the email, if the brand thinks you have potential, they will contact you. The brand will think you have prioritized their company and researched their business thoroughly. Hence, your next aim will be to show projection to the brand. Tell them how investing in your plans can increase the brand's revenue. Send a professional email to the brand. The email must be a suggestion email rather than a brand pitching email.


5.     Good hold on English

Foreign clients will never understand your local language; hence, good knowledge of the English language is very required. At starting phase, you may do your work through email, but in the end, you have to finalize everything through video calls. Hence, it would be best to learn English to be fluent in these video calls. Practice the language and remember the essential words required in business meetings. Learn the accent well besides the language. Communication skills are the most crucial thing in order to execute your plans. You may have good strategies, but it is useless unless you can convey them.





Thus, getting freelance clients is not that easy. But if you know the correct way to pitch your business to the clients, you will succeed. If you are correct, a period will come when you will start to reject work as you will not get time. Freelancing puts pressure as you have to pitch, work, manage and negotiate your budget, all by yourself.

But, it has excellent returns. Besides other benefits, freelancing can be done whenever and wherever. As the whole procedure is online, there is no barrier. You can even work with tools that you are comfortable to use. Keep in mind that, you are your own boss. Hence the pressure of senior employees gets reduced. So if you have passed out from a digital marketing course, you can surely try out the field of freelancing.