Guide To Increase YouTube Subscribers In 2022
Guide To Increase YouTube Subscribers In 2022
Read this article to increase YouTube subscribers in 2022. Because here, we have shared some really helpful information about this topic.

The number of a channel's subscribers had absolutely no impact in the early days of YouTube. All it accomplished was to increase your level of visibility to a similarly tiny audience.

The world has radically altered over time, and as a result, YouTube has developed into the second-largest search engine in the world that we all know and love.


One aspect that will influence your success on the video-sharing platform is your subscriber count, which was once thought of as a vanity measure.


You will observe a rise in the quantity of views, watch time, likes, and comments on your videos once you have succeeded in attracting YouTube subscribers to your channel. To advance in your YouTube profession, each of these elements is crucial.


This post will go through many strategies—both well-known and obscure—that you may use to increase YouTube subscribers to your channel.


Let's start now.


Indepth guide on how to increase YouTube subscribers in 2022


Video Search Engine Optimization


Since YouTube functions as a search engine, it includes platform-specific SEO strategies that can help your videos appear at the top of a user's search results. You must ensure that your video is always in the line of sight of your viewers because users rarely navigate past the top 5 results.


You can begin by making your video's title, description, and meta tags more effective:



As a crucial component of your metadata, your title is given special attention by search engines when indexing and classifying your content.


Not just search engines, but also your target audience, benefit from your title. From the viewpoint of a user, when a video appears in search results, our eyes subconsciously scan the title for a match to our search word; this is frequently the trigger that prompts a person to click and watch a video.

The search results are more likely to show videos that exactly match the search term. Because of this, it would be beneficial if you used the keyword you find via your research in your title in a way that makes it clear to consumers what they will see when they click on your video.

Consider the case when "social media marketing" is your main keyword. The title of your article may now read "5 excellent social media marketing tactics" rather than just using this keyword. Because it's likely that the search phrase used by your target audience will be similar.

Make it a practise to include your goal keyword as early in the title as you can. Learn how to choose the ideal keywords for SEO by clicking here.

Additionally, creators have the ability to purchase legitimate YouTube subscribers from reliable sources.

  1. Description

Similar to your title, the YouTube algorithm relies on your description to determine the topic of your video. Google has capped the length of descriptions at 1000 characters. Though you have the option, keep in mind that your readers are more likely to skip over a lengthy description if you don't use the entire area available.

Use specific keywords sparingly throughout your description, focusing on the first 25 characters, as per YouTube's recommendations to increase views and watch time for your videos.

Even though you are free to write a longer description, only 100 characters will be read by the audience. They need to click the "see more" link to see the remainder. Therefore, start your description with all of the pertinent information.

  1. Thumbnails

When your video appears for a search query or in the recommendations area, the title and thumbnail are the first things a viewer will notice. Consider them your left and right hooks, one, two, and bam, you've got a new subscriber.

Choose a personalised thumbnail wherever possible, even when YouTube uses a frame from your video. because YouTube's choice often appears confusing and deceptive.

Each professional YouTuber creates a unique thumbnail, which serves to enhance the video's appeal and beauty.


You might pay a designer to create your thumbnails if you have a significant budget. If money is tight, you might want to use free graphic design software like "Canva," which includes many visual elements and already-made thumbnails.



Tags, as opposed to your description and title, are the least significant component of your metadata when it comes to your movies being found. They nevertheless aid YouTube in comprehending your content more thoroughly so that the search engine may connect your video with other pertinent information on the platform.


Start by including the main keyword in your title and description as one of your tags, then use several long-tail search terms. In your videos, you can utilise tags that are pertinent to the subjects you cover. Keep in mind to tag your videos with appropriate information.


Enhance Your YouTube Channel

You shouldn't just focus on your videos; you should also optimise your channel to turn visitors into actual YouTube subscribers.


YouTube Art

The visual graphic that dominates the majority of your channel homepage is called channel art or a banner.


You certainly move from one end of the screen to the other. By naked sight, very difficult to overlook. the gist, but your Channel Art must do the work of attracting visitors' attention and raising awareness of your business and channel.


You can highlight important information about your channel in your banner, such as the release date of new videos or a description of the kind of content you create. To encourage consumers to follow you on social media, visit your website, or shop at your online store, you may also include a strong call-to-action.


The channel trailer

YouTube has developed its innovation throughout time. It now provides an option for channel trailer creation for its creators.


What use does a teaser or trailer serve? – to give a summary of what your visitor can anticipate if they decide to join you as a subscriber.


Please use moderation and refrain from going overboard. Your channel trailer should no longer than 30 to 60 seconds. We acknowledge that the time constraint does not let you to include everything you have to give in a single video. But with careful organisation, you can just add information that is necessary to get subscriptions from your readers.


  • Launch with a bang and announce your channel as the opener.
  • Point out the kind of content you provide for your channel as you approach the 30-second mark. You can also include your posting schedule just for safety.
  • Last but not least, invite viewers to subscribe in a strong call to action.


Tab's background

Visitors would need to take action in order to read the content of the "Above tab." If someone visits the homepage of your channel, they won't immediately notice this location.

Similar to writing a description for your videos, you can write one for your channel under the "About" option.


You are free to write honestly without restraint in this space. You can also include your email address or links to your website and social media pages.


Keep in mind that links cannot be posted inside the description itself. However, the bottom of your page has area designated for links.



You do not need to bother about organising your content when you first start out on YouTube. However, if more videos are added to your channel, your audience may find it challenging to search through and locate what they are looking for.


Please tell me how I can help. - you can start by grouping related themes or other similarities into playlists that you can organise and aggregate videos into.


Add links to them in the descriptions of your videos and channels.


Being the creator, you are the best person to understand how your videos are put together and which ones are most appropriate for specific types of content.


When viewed from an SEO standpoint, the fact that videos in the playlist automatically play one after another leads to increased watch time and views.


Videos with high levels of engagement are given greater weight by the YouTube algorithm, which increases their exposure to new audiences. What transpires when a larger audience views and like your content? - you gain more YouTube subscribers.


To Sum It Up

It is important to increase YouTube subscribers to your channel if you want to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Your title, description, and tags should all be optimised with the appropriate keywords. You can also achieve this by being in continual communication with your audience.


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Guide To Increase YouTube Subscribers In 2022

Guide To Increase YouTube Subscribers In 2022